Pre- and In-Match Thread - Everton vs Liverpool - 24th April, 20:00

Another must win match not only because it’s Everton but for the overall picture

Better signs for Liverpool with the performance against Fulham. Nunez and Salah do need to come to the party though.

Klopp is going to have to work his magic one more time. Win the Everton game and we go 4 points above City who’ll have to play catch up.

Everton are a shit side with a scummy fanbase who will make it tough for us.


The second of six finals. Come on lads, make Klopp (and Sith) proud.


Am I right in saying this is live on Amazon prime or did I completely make that up?

Anyway XI: Ali Trent Quansah Virgil Robbo Endo Szobo Mac Salah Nunez Gakpo

Also wouldn’t mind Mac playing the #6 here with Grav coming in for Endo to see him build on today.

We go again, up the reds!!

Nope; it’s on Sky.


I hate this fixture so much . They will use every dirty trick to stop us, it’s their cup final. :expressionless:

It always feels like torture for me to watch them, so hopefully no injuries and 3. points.


At this stage the later is more important than the former… sort of a win at all costs for me.

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also saying it now. VAR is an everton fan. just so people don’t accuse me of being bitter after the game.

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Score first. It’s a piece of piss thereafter.

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I’d expect something similar from Klopp. Just hope that Szobo, Mo and Nunez pick up any kind of form for this one. Otherwise we’ll be in trouble

Everton fans will be desperate to win, to stop us having a chance of winning the league. If they do, the DVD will be available on Thursday morning.


I’m just glad they haven’t got any rest time on us.

We also rested a fair bit today which is all good.


Same front 3. Endo, McAllister and Elliott midfield.

Think the transvestite went off injured today and Beto wont feature I wouldn’t have thought so they’ll dig in and try and shithouse a result more than ever.

Can’t see Elliott playing this though to be fair up until the 70th min he was everywhere, and is half the reason for the second.

I do hope we go with Maca and Endo.

Assume Jota and Graverberch have a chance as they went off in the first subs.

Season 1 GIF by SHOWTIME

That’s what Everton do, they’re stuck in the 90’s.

No chance. Throw the smallest midfield we have to those thugs?

Mac Allister will play, but I think Klopp will want Szob or Jones in there for their height and presence.


Their midfield doesn’t strike me as having much bite to it although I say that as someone who hasn’t watched a single match of theirs in years.
I’m more concerned about fucking yard-dogs like Tarkowski and Godfrey.

Interesting to note they haven’t won a cup since the first DVD came out in 1996. :wink:


Their midfield will be a combination out of Garner, Gueye, Doucoure, Gomes and Onana - all of whom are big lads that put themselves about a bit.