Pre and In Match Thread. Leeds United vs Liverpool. Elland Road.. EPL. Sunday Sept 12th. 1630 hrs

Proper football…
Few decisions on this. Injury permitting…
Back 5 as last time out.
Fabinho, Hendo and this is made for Thiago, Leeds are not a team for sitting so he can open them up.
Jota, Mane, Salah to benefit.

Elliot may be a sub, sent home from England U21s but maybe precautionary. Naby probably won’t be back in time?
A win here is another statement of intent…

Fingers crossed that all our players are ok after the midweek games.


[quote=“Quicksand, post:1, topic:2244, full:true”]
this is made for Thiago, Leeds are not a team for sitting so he can open them up. [/quote]

We brought in Thiago to break down deep sitting Teams like Chelsea with 10 men. :grimacing:


3-0 win.

Mo hat trick

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At last some football to talk about.
I think this will be harder than one might think. Leeds have had the time to correct their shortfalls from there 1st match against United. Bielsa is very good at this.
We need to beat them physically in midfield with good pressing, technically we are far superieur but without the pressing that won’t count much against a team that works as hard as Leeds (particularly if they have sorted out their marking and tactics).
So I’d get Millie in the midfield with Fabs and Hendo.
Should win this 1-3 would love another clean sheet though.

We brought Thiago in because he is one of the best midfielders in world football.
He wasn’t bought with a handful of games in mind.
Leeds dont set up deep, so a player with his nous would potentially have a field day.


Trent Matip VVD Robertson
Henderson Fabinho Elliott
Salah Jota Mane


With Bobby potentially out and with how Leeds play, I’d consider going 4-2-3-1, but with a bit of an unorthadox defensive midfielder playing in the middle of the 3, so line up like


    TAA  Gomez  Virgil   Robbo

          Hendo   Thiago

      Mane     Fabino       Jota


Just to fuck with them

Fabinho as part of 3 in 4-2-3-1?

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Not sure about fucking with them but that line up is fucking with me :rofl:


They would be expecting someone more attacking playing there, so would look to put Phillip marking that role.

I say we mark their marker just to fuck with them, leaving Hendo and Thiago free to do their thing without fear of Phillips usual skullduggery

Millie then?

Nah, wouldn’t want or expect him to go out and fuck with the Leeds players heads. Let him just kick them all over the park and fuck with their bodies

Surely you’d have Fabinho and Thiago sitting with Henderson central in the 3?

That aside. Yay we have a game coming up. I nearly had to spend far too long in the Politics thread.


This should be quite an experience , both for our foreign players and fans , who might not remember just what an unwelcoming experience a top flight game at Elland Rd. can be. Their lot will have been on the piss all day and we can expect ninety minutes of pure abuse from a notoriously rowdy bunch.

… which will make it all the more satisfying when we batter these Yorkshire puddings 0-3.

Yeah. Personally Fab is the last player I want to change his position in our current set up.

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We need to make them earn 0 points, and print it on shirts

Big test for @Quicksand, @PeachesEnRegalia, and Boudica.


Smash them. They’re shit.


Absolutely ludicrous I’m sorry. Effectively we could have sent them and they would have missed 3 games and this is every international period.

Leeds will lose Raphina mind, as Firmino he was injured anyhow doubt he would have travelled.