Pre and In Match Thread. Liverpool vs AC Milan. CL Group B. Wed 15th Sept 2000hrs

I expect the same idea as yesterday with Hendo in for Elliot. Maybe Keita for Thiago, but thats about all the changes.

Would be great to get a decent start in this, I think this is a season to go for everything on all fronts…

I hope to keep opening Pre Match Threads, so I think we win this.
Mane to shine, the weight off his shoulders at the end yesterday must have been immense.


We played them in 2014 and 2016 preseason games but other than that our last two competitive meetings with them were the two CL finals.

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14 years after, can’t bloody wait!

Too few games against historic club like these.

Porto, Sevilla and Napoli and co bore me to death. Don’t get me wrong, I get excited over everything when Liverpool are in European competitions (even if it was in the middle of nowhere in the Conference League, it would excite me), but in last years we’re seeing too many similar fixtures. Real, Inter and Shakhtar in the same group in successive seasons. I’d go mad that was us.

I want these opponents every season. The Reals, Barcas, Juventus’, Milans of this world. We haven’t played them nowhere near enough, considering we are all “European royalties”.

But of course this is not a thumb up for the Super League! :joy:


Robbo might be rested? He was good yesterday and it was an improvement on Chelsea game. But we have a very able back up so should be able to rotate there without loss of much quality. Also thinking Matip could be rotated and rested given we have both Gomez and Konate to cover.

Midfield is where there might be some changes. Some of our players just returned from injuries so might not be fit to play three complete games in a row. Expecting Fab and Hendo to start and maybe one of Ox/ Keita. Could easily be Ox and Keita both with one of Fab/ Hendo dropping.

Salah, Mane and Jota to remain untouched I guess.

Alisson - Trent, Gomez, VVD, Tsimikas - Fab, Hendo, Keita - Salah, Jota, Mane

The journey to #7 begins :muscle:


Milan played 3 won 3 and scored 7 and received 1 in the Seri A so far.

Szymon Marciniak is the Poolish ref who fucked us against Atletico in the first leg letting them getting away with basically everything.

Let’s hope he is just a homer and not an incompetent twat.

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Quite a few players missed the internationals show should be raring to go.

Trent Gomez Van Dijk Tsimikas
Thiago Henderson
Salah Chamberlain Mane

Big decision about Joel. He has been in imperious form this season, but still a question of managing him through three games in a week. I’d be tempted to sit him for this one and play him at the weekend.

The midfield should be fine. Fabinho and Thiago have just had a fortnight off, Hendo only came in as a sub. We might look to Keita or Jones on Saturday, but these kind of games are the ones this midfield was assembled for.

I’d also rest Jota. Salah and Mane have exceptional fitness and durability. Not so sure about Jota. We need him at the weekend so I’ll go with Ox, and if he could leather in a screamer that would be nice.



Two many changes!!!

Smash them. They’re shit.


Four many :wink:

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For many, four is two too many.


Do we play the regular/core players in three games (Leeds, Milan, and Palace) over six days and make some wholesale changes against Norwich in League Cup??? Considering our bad luck with injuries and good luck with depth, I guess this is the period when we tweak a bit with the squad and keep the lot fit and fresh.

Alisson: stays
TAA: stays
Matip: stays
VvD: played in two NT games
Robertson: played in all three NT games
Fabinho: stays
Henderson: stays
Thiago/Keita: neither has played much and both seem to be in good form
Salah: stays
Mane: stays
Jota: stays

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You literally took the words out of my mouth. Even though this is a shadow of the great Milan sides it’s going to be a cracker. Anfield will be heaving. CL is back baby!!!

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Wouldn’t mind seeing Ox start this, if Klopp really does trust him then we need to give him the game time to show what he’s got. I also like the idea of having Jota on the bench to be able to come on and make an impact if we need it.


Tough one for me. I never want either of those boys to come out of the side, but I also have faith in Joe and Ibou.

Not sure if Big Z will start this one or not. He didn’t start yesterday v Lazio but he did score a goal. I’d love to see Virg battle him.

EDIT: I do agree with @Aurelio post, I’d love to see Ox start this one.

I think one thing is certain Matip will get a rest so Gomez will take his place and I would like to see Tsimikas play, midfield Henderson Fabinho and keita with the 3 amigos up top.

Not sure why people are talking about this as if it’s a league cup game against league one opponents. It’s the opening game of the CL campaign and we should play our absolute strongest team. Joe and the GS can come in against Palace or Brentford, but not this game.


…and I’m sure Milan are pretty pumped for returning to CL after such long time.

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5 subs will give Klopp some more options to give players a rest but other than that he doesn’t tend to make many changes between PL and CL games.


Especially against us!