Pre and In Match Thread. Liverpool vs AC Milan. CL Group B. Wed 15th Sept 2000hrs

Yeah, it’s kinda 1-1 at the moment :smiley:

No problem. We can meet in the final again. I’d prefer Milan in the final over most other teams at the moment.

Agree, how about?


I think we should replace the CB’s with Gomez and Konaté


Have they even played together yet ? One of them might get the nod but there’s no way Klopp goes into this game without Virgil.


Ox has done nothing to deserve a CL game. He can prove himself in FA and league cups. I’d start the same 3 and smash them. Get some CL momentum from first game


Think they are a better side than people may think, I wouldn’t be looking to make a huge amount of changes. Definitely Henderson into the midfield and maybe Keita as well depending on the fitness of Thiago, that would be it.

Had we played them prior to Istanbul?

I’ll be watching in some dirty bar here in Copenhagen with my best buddy Héctor, a born and bred Milan supporter straight out of…Mexico City.

He’s also a Zlatan fanboy, long before he signed for Milan. He has all his autobiographies etc and I’ve spent the last 10 years making ridiculous statements like “Ibra is just the overhyped version of Berbatov…”. All to get a reaction, but hopefully it won’t come back to bite me.

I have a lot of admiration for Héctor and his club, but I think we’ll fucking batter them.



Wouldn’t mind seeing Joe and Konate get a game. Give Virgil and Joel a rest. Think we should change most of our 11 bar Ali really. Surely our second side can get a result

I am so excited for this match. Liverpool vs AC Milan was the match where i became a Liverpool Fan.

VVD vs Ibra is going to be an interesting match up

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Marips looking good. But he cannot play during the week surely. It has even been mentioned about his back and how he needs good recovery, has his own training plan after games. I am convinced his injuries were as a result of us asking him to play every 3 days.

He must be rested.

No need to rest Virgil. He hardly runs in most games


First CL group game. Against an in form Milan side. In front of a full Anfield for the first team in over a year.

No way we’re not going full force. Matip could be the only one that is rotated given his injury record.


For sure it’s a big game, but so are all PL and CL matches. In an ideal world we would play the best 11 in all matches but tht isn’t possible. We need to use the squad and starting to use it now will reap benefits down the line. Also there’s the point, either we trust these players to play or we don’t, in which case they shouldn’t be here.

I guess I’m reacting to the way Man City and Chelsea are using their squads these days, maybe Klopp see’s it differently and would rather keep the consistency, I’m ok with that as well.

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I’d argue that, with all due respect, our next two PL opponents are not the same quality as the teams in our CL group. I can imagine changes for those games, but not this one.


Palace, Norwich and Brentford are our next 3 domestic games. I can see some rotation in those games for sure. But we have rotated players already, Robbo, Tmsikas have both played. Keita, Thiago, Fabinho, Ox, Henderson, Milner and Elliott have all been used in midfield.

From past seasons under Klopp he likes to build consistency as you say and then when a rhythm has been established rotate then.

I don’t think it’s a fair comparison between the Chelsea and City squad depth and ours. They are probably the two strongest squads in European football.

Trent, Matip, VVD, Robertson
Henderson, Fabinho, Keita,
Salah, Jota, Mané


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Why the fuck would we test players in our opening Chanpions League game.



Trent Matip VVD Robbo
Hendo Fab Thiago
Mo Jota Mane

We got 5 subs we can use here and Palace up next in the league. If any of these 2 games should be used to rotate it’s Palace - not AC Fucking Milan


Are you aware this is the AC Milan thread? Palace game is at the weekend


I like the channeling of your inner Scott Jones.

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