Pre and In Match Thread. Liverpool vs Man City. EPL. Sun 3rd October. 1600 hrs

Probably the biggest concern on the lead up is Trent, fit or not. It would appear to be doubtful that he starts, so choice at RB. Milner was very good tonight so he probably gets the nod. Robbo was very good so he keeps his position.

Midfield Jones, Hendo and Fabinho, if Thiago is fit there is a dilemma. Jones on tonight’s form plays though.

Up top I would start Bobby with Salah and Mane. His industry will annoy City’s CB pairing.
Another test, keep going.


Mo, Bobby and Mane all finding the net shows they are getting their groove on in readiness for a massive party at the Emptihad.

I predict a 3-0 win

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The same starting XI should be preferable, but three games in eight days doesn’t do those muscles any favour.

Think Firmino will come in for Jota.


Yup I think Jones deserves to start, Milner coming off with Salah and Mane pretty much suggests those three start on Sunday.

Robertson was back to some of his best form which was good and I would start Firmino as Jota has been a handful off the bench and gives us that option and Firmino looked lively tonight.

I got to see it as well as I’m in isolation due to being pinged will test tomorrow


I hope they are in Anfield for the party that will be happening there…! :wink:
16.30hrs Kick-off BTW


The only two questions are, will it be Bobby or Jota and how much will we win by. Time to at least wipe out last year’s nightmare.

Not sure how today’s results help, or if they even make a difference.


aren’t we away for this one?

If not, then they can still party at the EMPTIhad and we can let Minimino, Jota and Ox lead the party at Anfield :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Let’s do it for Sir Roger!


I’m sure Klopp shared a nice German Pilsner with the Jones Boy in the sheds and congratulated him on his best game in a Liverpool shirt. And then he said righto you are starting again on the weekend it will be next level and prove to me you can play like that again.


Given it’s international break after this and it’s three games just for this week, it may probably mean players would be fit enough and raring to go for this one. The Porto game being taken care of without slogging too much should help us.

Their legend who they prefer to have a statue of holding a coffee mug because of that brilliant guard of honour he gave was on form against Chelsea. Hopefully Milly/ Robbo will nicely show him who’s the boss on the pitch. Pep will overthink and will play 4-6-0 or 3-1-6 or 6-4-0 you never know with him, but he’ll be happy with a draw. Onus is on us to fcking thrash them.

Anfield will be buzzing. They were so happy with their idiotic win last season without fans, watch them being shit scared this time around. Especially Sterling if he plays.

Fcking hate them and everything about them… let’s thrash them ffs.


I could swear we had a similar situation last season. We were on Top. They were struggling a bit and it was a game before the international break.

Not having a good feeling this. Could not beat them in the last 3 with 9 goals conceded and just 2 scored.

I would have taken a draw if we’d beaten Brentford. Not i’m not sure if a draw at home would make me feel happy going into the international break.

They’re teetering on the edge of a Pep meltdown, imo.

It would be rude not to push them over the edge.


And the defence was much more like its old self last night.

Let’s do that again and not the Brentford version.


They haven’t won at ‘Anfield proper’ since 2003. I would expect us to control the tempo in this one, they’ll try to sneak something on the break, but I don’t think they are anywhere near as offensively threatening as in previous years.


They will wilt under the Anfield atmosphere as Peps nervousness spreads through their team.

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Definitely need Bobby back in for this one, especially missing Trent.

Or… maybe Klopp surprises us and goes 4-2-3-1 with our 4 main attackers.

Nah, joking, I don’t think he’ll do it.

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wheres the Frank Zappa dude?..come on man…


Tierney is the ref. :face_vomiting:

In the 18 matches, he was the ref with City involved they won 16 and lost 2 while he awarded him 6 penalties.

In the 15 matches he was refereeing us we won 9 drew 4 and lost 2. We got zero penalties.

Not feeling optimistic about this one, 1-2 I’m afraid.

4-1 to us

Need some special tactical attention to this. I think if it’s ‘let’s just play our game’ it won’t work. Need something like the gameplan against Chelsea but with 30% less cocaine.