Pre and In Match Thread. Porto vs Liverpool. ECL Group B. Tuesday 28th Sep 20:00 hrs

After an unforgettably forgettable Saturday its on once more to the CL.

Pointed out all over the place the need to be more defensively alert and more ruthless in attack. So with that in mind…

VVD and Gomez, Trent and Robbo given a thick ear after yesterday and told to switch on.

Even if Fabinho was a shade poor he still starts, obviously Hendo and then the quandry.
Personally I think Jones and up top I would consider Taki in the middle with Mo and Mane.

A win here would cement the hold in the group.

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Probably the one away game of the three which you’d be a bit disappointed if we didn’t take the three points.

Klopp will rotate and that should include Tsimikas


Tsimikas. Gomez, Milner, Minamino and Origi should all be starting.


20000 hours? That’s a long time.


Some selection decisions:

  1. Robertson should sit this one out.
  2. Do we go with Matip & VVD, they have been good since the beginning of the season.
  3. Who should be the third midfielder; Curtis! Milner! Keita! AOC! Takumi!
  4. Should we shake-up the frontline too!

All very interesting questions, however…


Smash them. They’re shit.


Honestly think that making too many changes (especially at the back) will never lead to consistency.

Trent Gomez VvD Robertson
Jones Henderson Milner
Salah Firmino Jota

Would give Matip, Fabinho and Mané a break.

Maybe start Ox instead of Milner in Midfield. We can make 5 subs.

Not to mention that’s a month from now.


My recollection of events makes me think that Jurgen sticks with the same lineup after a disappointing game.

Guess a certain somebody had one or two cold beverages before opening the thread.

Whoever plays need to ensure we are back to our routine 3-0 wins. No pressure.


Change the whole back 4 like against Palace. Hendo, Fab and Jones in midfield, Salah, Minamino and Divock up top.
Save Mane and Bobby for City.
I’d probably take a point.

Let’s just concentrate!

My apologies :confused:

I would like to test Gomez-VVD again, and replace Robbo with Tsimikas who currently has better form.

Tyler Morton should be in sub, I’d like to test him if we can achieve safe lead earlier enough.

The rest should remain the same as against Brentford.

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No worries. Just a bit of banter on my part.

I don’t watch Porto often enough, but I thought they were pretty good in the CL last season. We can often go into lazy mode with this “ah, Porto again, smash them, they’re shite”, but not all those Porto sides will be the same. Maybe, just maybe this is the best Porto we will face in last years and they’re quietly learning lessons about how to play these big European games. So I say it’s obvious who is the favourite, hopefully we get a little reaction post-Brentford (being more compact, keeping the ball better, defending better 1v1), but I say caution as well.


Porto can attack, so I say 4-2 to us.

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More of the same please… I miss this kit!