Pre- and In-Match | Wolverhampton vs Liverpool | Saturday September 16th 12:30h

Early kickoff away after the international break. I hate it. The manager hates it too and I am convinced that’s why we get that spot.

Not disrespecting and underestimating the opponent. They don’t seem to be very good so far but I never have a good feeling going to their stadium.

Difficult to predict who’s starting. Trent and Ibou injury. Virgil suspension. South Americans probably returning late. Salah sale :grimacing:



So why the fuck are you starting the match thread now? :thinking:


Because I’ve won us the last three!?

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Oops. I forgot that it was all down to you.

PS: You’re not a Conservative MP, are you?

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A Conservative MP called GermanRed seems somewhat unlikely.

It’s wrong on a number of levels.




3 more points please, then the world starts to look interesting.

Cruelest curse ever - “May you live in interesting times”


Love Terry Pratchett, especially Rincewind and the witches books :slight_smile:

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Smash them. They’re shit.

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Hopefully Gravenberch is ready for his debut. Trent hopefully gets fit.

All things considering,

Trent Konate Gomez Robbo
Soboszlai Mac Gravenberch
Salah Nunez Diaz

Based on the last game: rinse and repeat.

We’ll have to see whether Trent is recovered (possible), VVD is suspended (likely) and anyone picks up anything during the international break (hopefully not).

Other than that the early kickoff is an arse. At least we have the Europa League to look forward to afterwards.

I haven’t read any Terry Pratchett books yet.

Predates Pratchett by a few centuries:

Sorry guys no information on the referee jet but I reckon it will be a tosser … :see_no_evil:

Gravenberch will be with the U21 the coming week and will not be back before Wednesday 13 september. Hardly time to train with the lads. Thiago should be back too so I don’t think he will be in the starting lineup.


That’s a great team talk! Do you do inspirational speaking as well?


Looks like he’s pulled out the U21 to stay with us and get up to speed. Liking that kind of move from him.


Thanks for the info, :+1:

Wanted to mention that he had no reason to go in the u21. It’s a good thing all-round to pull out from there.

This two weeks hopefully will make him a player in contention for the wolves match