Pre- In- and Post-Match: LASK vs Liverpool, September 21 Thursday 17:45

Welcome to the proper, if not the greatest, European football where cheats aren’t allowed and money & power buys you fuck all. Welcome to football defined by talent, passion, and grit. For the disciples, this year is going to be special, graced by an enigmatic Klopp and his enthralling Liverpool.

With four consecutive wins, the Red juggernaut is warming up nicely. Though this match was likely to feature the Young-Turks and the Dark Horses of our squad, it’s likely that VVD and Konate will start to hasten their fitness/sharpness. Though the average attendance of LASK last season was 14,000; don’t expect the 19,000 capacity of Raiffeisen Arena to remain unfulfilled for this game.


Wonder if Klopp will risk Quansah after coming off with a knock (hopefully that’s all it is) or Matip as at this stage in his career probably best against playing him twice in a week…and assuming the games come too soon for Trent.

Kelleher Gomez Ibou Virgil Kostas Bajcetic Endo Gravenberch Doak Nunez Gakpo

Expect Kelleher, Quansah, Tsimikas, Bajcetic, Endo, Gravenberch, Elliott and Doak to feature. Do we have a fit right back? Maybe Millie?

Qualified for this deliberately so we can complete the set under Klopp.

I want to see LASK pummelled into oblivion. Bloody Austrians with their beautiful women, transport infrastructure and superior GDP per capita.



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Bar Jones I agree.

Gomez Matip Quansah Tsimikas
Elliot Gravenberch
Doak Jota Gakpo

Basically a second 11 with the aim of picking a completely different team vs West Ham. We risk a slow start to the group, but that’s fine.

Do not want Nunez starting, need him ready for West Ham.


Need to play Jota into some form.

He was garbage today


I wouldn’t have Jones ideally. I just was trying to think of lads who seem to be our second string at the minute.


I agree it’s a hard one to work around I’m against square pegs in round holes.

Depends on whether Thiago is fit or not.

Gomez Matip Quansah Robbo
Elliot Endo/Thiago Gravenberch
Doak Jota Diaz

Minutes for Tsimikas , Gakpo , Virgil , Jones at the end.

Dom , Macca , Nunez , Salah all get a much needed sight seeing trip

Edit : Not sure how Bajcetic is doing so far on his recovery , but if he’s fit. I wouldn’t mind him getting some minutes either off of the bench.

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For the group stages of this it’s a case of winning but still giving the fringe and/or new players a chance to shine.

I’d be looking for the likes of Doak to get a proper runout, even if it’s just off the bench.


Virtually impossible to predict a team for this one. So many options. We could pick a team to smash these into the middle of next week or JK could take a pragmatic approach giving minutes to those who need them and with one eye on West Ham.
I’d like to see Endo, Gravenberch, Tsimikas and Doak all start.


Jones playing makes sense. I just wouldn’t put him as a wide forward.

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Came through as a left winger. Could be a shout to add a more supporting player to aide Darwin?

But as long as our main lads get a rest (I’ll be fuming if I see the likes of Dominik/Mo playing etc) I don’t mind who goes LW


I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:



Let me know here if anyone will be in Linz.

Might see you there. :triangular_flag_on_post:


Road trip! How long will it take?

I’m going on Wednesday from Dalmatia back to Zagreb and then on Thursday morning it will probably take us around 3 hours by car to get there. Should be there at around 11am or noon. Have a nice day in city centre will fellow Reds before the match, albeit an earlier kick off. Love these random European away trips.