Pre Match: Aston Villa v. Liverpool, 1730 UTC, Monday 26 December 2022 (Premier League)

Three points, no injuries, all I ask. Oh and no whining please.


Potentially a tricky game.

Emery knows how to surprise big teams or at least make life difficult.

Villa team news:

  • Robin Olsen is set to start between the sticks with Emiliano Martinez celebrating Argentina’s World Cup success.
  • Diego Carlos and Philippe Coutinho miss out for Unai Emery’s side.

Hopefully we can start putting good performances in with stronger and stronger team selections.


Villa will be much toucher to break down than under Stevie so early goal please.



Last 3 words of your opening line…= you are kidding​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Time to buckle up this away form because the next 6 look like banana skins, win them ugly if we have to.

Alisson Trent Matip Virgil Robbo Fab Thiago Hendo Carvalho Salah Nunez

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Some serious stuff after the fun that didn’t quite go our way (surely the refs fault!).

Trent Matip VvD Robertson
Henderson Fabinho Thiago
Elliott Salah Nunez

Remember to whine excessively in this thread, regardless.

The teams going to be stale and out of rhythm.
We have too many injuries.
We will be suffering from the humiliation at city.
Villa are so confident that they gave their keeper extra vacation.

I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1::nerd_face:

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Not feeling optimistic here at all.

We need 4 quality attackers to win (away) games in the PL nowadays. 3 starters and one from bench.

Bobby, Jota, Díaz out.

If we don’t take the lead in the first half (and we won’t) we will be in big trouble again.

We don’t need 4 strikers to win. We are the better team, we just need to get the basics right. Unfortunately, that seems like a tall order this season.

There is also the Emery factor, he will have prepared them to take advantage of all our glaring weaknesses. So yes not optimistic either, not because we don’t have enough, but because we won’t stop beating ourselves.


I think we’ll lose this one, and depending on other results pretty much lose any realistic chance of the league title.
Obviously I hope I’m wrong, just can’t see us winning this one.

Hope I’m feeling better by the time this is on. I seem to have some sort of flu type infection all nicely in time for Christmas. Hopefully out of bed by Monday.


Get well soon, mate. :+1:


@GermanRed @Dane

Pair of absolute fannies.

No room on here for that kind of talk.

Merry Christmas to all our Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie oi oi oi members. Wishing Santa gave you everything you asked for and you all put on 5 stone eating plenty of Turkey, Cheese and Potato Salad.


Your post is the final confirmation that we won’t win.

Just like on Thursday.

Hope u r ok…lot of the male population get this type of flu at this time of year…just an observation that we females notice…


Get well soon Whippet. There’s a lot of it about. Mrs C and myself are both full of lurgy. Mine has lasted eight days so far. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


I’ve definitely had this before - flu type illness just before Christmas. I have had the flu vaccine so I’m hoping it will limit it if it is flu.

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