Pre Match | Atalanta Bergamo vs. Liverpool | CL Matchday 3 | Tuesday November 3rd 20:00h | Gewiss Arena

Tough away game with the opportunity to make a big step towards the group win.

Tbh I’ve completely ignored the hype around Atalanta in the last 2 years and I have no idea what kind of football they play.

But somehow I have the feeling that this is the perfect opponent to get us back on track in terms of result and especially performance.

No need to rest players because the City game is on sunday. Would be great if Thiago, Matip and Keita can get some minutes.

Question: is Nat Phillips allowed to play in the CL?

TAA Nat/Rhys Gomez Robertson
Shaqiri Henderson Milner
Salah Jota Mané



Milner, Minamino, Shaqiri and Jota should be in starting line up with the mix of other players as per fitness. Think Rhys was rested for this one, and maybe starts for sure?

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I’d rest every single player we want to start with against City, and not give a single fuck about getting beat here.

We’ve already got six points in the group. We’ve got Midgyland away, and Ajax and Atalanta at home after this. We’ll still go through with a game to spare.


Nope. Wasn’t registered.

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They score lots but also concede lots so this could be a goal fest.
Hopefully Jota, Keita and Thiago all start.

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On the contrary, I think we should try to use this game to get our players up to speed against City. The rotation of players seem to disrupt our momentum and it is doing more harm than good.

Fitness permitting, I rather start with our first choice players, including Thiago and Henderson, before subbing them out for Shaqiri and Keita. The only exception would be Firmino, who I think should be “rested” to give Jota or Minamino a chance.

Here’s to hoping we blitz them early and get to rest our players.


Games coming very fast now.
I’d be really happy if we got a draw here considering our lack of options in the defence.

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At least three changes,
Matip or Williams for Nat Phillips
Milner, Keita or Thiago for Curtis Jones
Jota for Firmino


Games have been coming fast since season started.

Tricky opponent.

Hopefully we do better than the last 2 seasons in a row in Italy when we went away to Napoli and played absolutely horrendous games.

They’re also a bit wild though, so it could be sort of like against Leeds.

Whenever we do decide to drop Bobby in a game or two and put Jota in, I think we’ll see Mane in that central position and not Jota. Salah is an option in that set up when we have the result in bag and want to play more counter attack.

We’re allowed five subs, so I can see us finishing the game with something closer to the city line up - Thiago, Hendo, Matip, Salah, Mane all playing the last twenty.

But it this way after Wednesday we have City. after Atalanta at home we have Brighton. After Ajax we have Wolves, and after Midgyland we have Fulham.

I know which tie I’m going rest player in.

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Still not the time of the season to rest players. 4 points against Atalanta and we have two CL games where we can rest.

It’s also not like we play Wednesday Atalanta and then Saturday City.

It’s Tuesday - Sunday so enough regeneration for everyone.

As an extra it looks like City will be without Mendy, Fernandinho, Jesus and Agüero while key players could return for us this week.


Oh no! Not this lot. I heard a lot of good things about Atalanta, they are a top class team and have been causing havoc against the top tier club in Serie A.

I will be grateful for a draw for this one match.


One game at a time but 2 wins next week would be a very good foundation for the rest of the season (or at least until January).

Beating Atalanta would mean we could rest key players for 2 of the 3 remaining CL group games.

Beating City would be a big statement and f**k up their confidence.


It’s going to be another 2 days of “if we can get Tiago, Matip and Keita on the pitch it’ll be massive” only to find out they haven’t even travelled.
These have a few injuries after yesterday’s game and if we can get Tiago, Matip and Keita on the pitch it’ll be massive…


Rest our captain to make sure he’s all ready to face the regime’s mercenaries.

Perfect game for James, Ali and Gini to lead the young ones for 60 mins,exhaust the opponent and get the new Fab 5 in (Thiago, Mane, Firmino, Salah, Jota)…

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More subs allowed here so hopefully we have a few bodies back, at least on the bench. This is the first of a really tasty November (minus that international week). Could be some cracking games.

It’s a good point but I suspect we’ll go for the win to put the group to bed till the knockouts.

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As @LFC-Orlando referred to, i would try and manage Henderson’s game time, i would also use Thiago for a limited amount of time just to give him some match time - thats if he is fit.
I personally believe Klopp would like to give TAA a break but we have unfortunately seen too many changes in our backline over recent games.
So, back four is TAA, Williams, Gomez and Robbo - i expect Williams to start against City (unless Matip fit) due to his mobility, Phillips as good as he was on Sat is a more physical defender and IMO not as cute as Williams.
Midfield, Milner, Hendo (45) Gini. Front 3 Shaqiri, Jota, Firmino (although I expect Origi will start).
In ideal environment, Thiago to replace Hendo at HT and Firmino for Minamino.

Ovidiu Haţegan is the referee. He never refereed us.