PRE MATCH: Brighton v Liverpool 28/11/2020; GMT 12:30

For some reason I was under the impression that this game was to be played Sunday. Imagine then my horror when I discovered that not only was it a Saturday fixture but also that it was a 12:30 kick-off . The scheduling by the Premier League is beyond a joke.

Still no news about the availability of either Hendo or Thiago , but the optimist in me says they were being held back to start here , probably alongside Gini.

I can’t see how Matip can possibly play again so that will mean Fab alongside either Phillips or Rhys. I’d leave Neco at RB and obviously Robbo will return.

Three from the fab four up top.

I happen to rate Brighton and think they could cause us problems if we’re not at it from the off. There are no let-ups in the fixture list now until the new year and fatigue and injuries are bound to take their toll. There will be other performances like last night along the way , let’s hope Saturday isn’t one of them.

Milner Phillips Matip Robertson
Henderson Fabinho Wijnaldum
Salah Firmino Jota

Somewhat irritatingly, I have an appointment at the audiologist at 1pm so I will probably miss at least some of this.

I have also ordered a big-bastard telly from Saturn, the German electrical retailer, so I’m hoping that it might be there in time for this. They did warn me that we would be one of the later deliveries as we were a long way off. I do hope it is being sent from the German electrical retailer and not the planet Saturn. I once bought a telly from Comet so I have form on this.

Anyway, as far as the match is concerned Mané could do with a rest after playing both the last games so I’d look at a Jota-Firmino-Salah front three. Back 4 could be Robbo-Phillips-Matip/Fabinho-Williams/Milner. The midfield will largely depend on who is fit. I’m hoping to see at least one of Hendo or Thiago.


I’ve got no idea which team will turn out for this one. The timing of the kick-off is a disgrace, shame on the PL for scheduling it like that.

This would be a good time for some players to come back from injury, for instance Thiago and Hendo, but probably that’s all wishful thinking at this point. Assuming that they are not available, Klopp has his work cut out, especially in midfield: Fabinho will play at center back, so that leaves Gini (must be running on fumes by now, but was replaced after an hour, so will play again for sure), Milner, Jones. That’s it. Starting both oldie Millie and teenie Jones again seems very unwise in terms of fitness, but what else can Klopp do? In defence, Matip will have to play again I guess, which is a massive risk, but I can’t see Klopp going with Rhys Williams again. Maybe Phillips? At right back, Neco will have to play again. No other option available.

So, I guess the formation will be

Jota Bobby Mo

Milner Gini Jones

Robbo Fabinho Matip Neco


We clearly have a weak spot at the right of our defence, which will of course be targeted, but otherwise it’s a reasonably strong starting team. The bench on the other hand… :fearful:


OGS complained about CL on Wednesday and PL early saturday after their game in Turkey a few weeks ago.

Klopp (and Pep) backed Ole in this and a few days later the PL made the decision that we will play Brighton on Saturday early.

Feels like a punishment tbh.


We will need to wait until tomorrow to get fitness updates.

Hoping both Hendo and Thiago are fit for it. There are hopes that Trent will be fit too, listening to the TAW podcast the yesterday.

I don’t expect to see both Matip and Fab start this one. Assume that, given Matip played nearly 90 mins, whilst Fab got half an hour, that it’ll be Fab and Philips in as the CB pairing.

The hope is it’s Ali, Trent, Philips, Fab, Robbo, Hendo, Gini, Thiago, Mo, Sadio, Jota.

If Trent isn’t available, then we’ll likely see Neco at right back, which could see Jurgen forced to go with Matip at CB again, as Neco and Nat on the right side of defence would be the weak point.

If either of Thiago or Hendo aren’t ready, have to assume that its Jones that starts again.


Sorry, I’ve seen enough of Neco Williams, he needs to much time on the ball and has no speed he works hard I give him that but he is not good enough IMO.

Since I’m under the impression that neither Henderson, Thiago, Shaq or Ox will be ready I play the same lineup as @GermanRed so with Fabinho in midfield and Milner as a fullback.

That line up must secure our win.

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But I have Henderson in my Line Up.

Oke I will play Jones. :grinning:

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He isn’t good enough, yet.

If Neco is in the starting 11 with the other 10 in the team being taken from a fully fit aquad, he would be doing much much better because he gets help from his pals. He’s being used in a mish mash team, and without everyone firing. As one of the more inexperienced ones out there, its nor surprise he looks a bit lost at times (not just last night but on a couple of the other showings).

I really hope that Trent gets back fit, because in these circumstances, replacing Trent in an already depleted squad, is no easy feat for a youngster that’s been feeling the pressure from many of our fans.


Brighton can be quite physical so I think Nat should start.


Brighton are wank and they’ll get fuck all from this game,we’re not citeh.


Wijnaldum is an absolute no, no. He has been playing a lot lately and he might get injured if he is stretched any further.

Neco Nat Matip Robertson
Milner Fabinho Curtis
Salah Bobby Jota

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Neco AND Nat Phillips for defending the right side and Milner in front of them? That’ll be such a huge hole to exploit. Neco is far from being dependable tracking back and Nat Phillips doesnt have the positional sense to back him up yet. Milner, god bless him, can’t exactly do box to box either. We definitely need Fab and Matip in central defence again.



We are down to barebones. You can move Milner to RB or Fabinho to CB but that will leave you just two midfielders. Off-course we can gamble on playing Wijnaldum again.


We got to show our bounce back ability and keep up the pressure on our rivals. Brighton have been playing decent football but struggle to score goals.


I think bouncebackability is one word these days.


Lamptey won’t be playing.


Will be also very interesting to see what Brighton do.

Lamptey is suspended, they don’t really have another natural RB or a player of his qualities down the right side. So it will probably be Veltman or possibly changing the system, but they’ve mostly played 3 at the back lately so you’d expect them to stick with that.

Mac Allister, Izquierdo (could be back soon) and Andone are out (and some have been for a while). Propper, Lallana and Trossard are doubts.

We’ll see also what structure in midfield and up top.


Hendo trained. So smile.