PRE MATCH: Brighton v Liverpool 28/11/2020; GMT 12:30

At least something, good to hear. We could see Hendo doing some individual work in last days, so I was hoping he could be back soon. Ox is also doing similar stuff, but maybe he needs a bit more time. Waiting for him and Thiago next.


That’s my thanksgiving taken care of them.


There, FIFY :blush:


I may not eat turkey as a sacrifice. I don’t even like it. The cranberry though I may have trouble giving up.


Bacon strips covering the turkey, stuffed with baby carrots, baby potatoes, brussel sprouts, filled with chicken broth, then cook it in the oven. That’s how mom used to do it.

Well, went way off topic here! :rofl:


It’s not as if we’re flush with options is it?

Klopp will pick whoever isn’t injured or closest to having their leg fall off.

Brighton don’t have a player on their left hand side with a ton of quality, certainly not like Gosens, so I would worry less about that getting exposed. With Lamptey out they don’t have a big threat on either flank.


Nobody showed up on Wednesday, and we didn’t travel, so we should be nice and fresh.


I think we should continue with Williams at CB to give him a bit more confidence and experience as it’s only a matter of time before Matip is out again

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Neco Fabinho Phillips Robertson
Jones Henderson Wijnaldum
Salah Firmino Jota

Subs: Adrian; Williams, Matip, Tsimikas, Milner, Mane, Minamino

Would mean Jones, Ali and Wijnaldum start three times in a week but not sure what else we can do really. Mane gets a rest he needs.

Phillips on paper should cope fine with anything aerially. Brighton don’t have any quality from LWB so Neco should be able to push forward more often. Many here underrate how good Gosens is.

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Klopp’s done his pre-match presser.

Hendo was involved in parts of team training yest (as we saw in the pics released), as well as individual sessions - he’s a TBC.

Other players who played Weds are in recovery. Late decisions will have to be made.

Was asked about Thiago - didn’t give an answer.


Potter said Trossard is fit to return, Lallana will be more of a late call (or at least that’s what he says), the rest who were out are still out.

He did admit that missing Lamptey and not having a similar player for the right side will affect especially the way they attack. We’ll see what that means and if they shift some focus elsewhere.


If I were Brighton manager I’d play a goalie, a back four and six left wingers. I’d instruct the goalie and back four to always clear the ball out left where it would be surrounded by the left wingers who would carry it upfield, cut inside and shoot.

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I wish you were Brighton Manager then. That would really make it easy for us :slight_smile:


I doubt if Sadio would be happy to be rested. Pretty sure he will bounce back tomorrow and get on the score sheet. Think Hendo will start as well and we will see a different attitude to that we saw in the CL game.
We just have to be big for two matches , Brighton and Ajax, then the pressure will ease a little with players recovering from injury and the CL spot sorted.


This is a big first step. Shame it’s only a meagre 2,000 fans, but hopefully it’s the start of getting it going.

Shame we aren’t able to have more in - Could probably put a 1,000 in each of the other three stands too in a relatively safe manner.

Will be interesting to see if the fans are split across the three tiers, or just use the Bottom (9,300 capacity) or Top (7,900).

Hopefully all those that qualify for these ballots get a game over the next few weeks.


I don’t understand how they come up with that random number. Anfield has 60,000+ capacity and even the strictest social distancing rules would allow more than 2000.


You know what I dont get - why is it the likes of West Ham and Villa who are playing 1 game a week given 8 and 9 days rest - they are not playing until Monday - yet we are given 2 and half days? That seems crazy to me.


Because no one want’s to watch whu and villa so they don’t play them much,fair enough to me.