Pre Match | Burnley vs Liverpool | PL MD19 | Tuesday December 26th 17:30h | Turf Moor

Let’s finish the year with a win and then start the new one … also with a win.

For some reason I am more concerned about the Burnley match than Newcastle with all their injuries on New Year’s Day.

TAA Konate VvD Gomez
Szoboszlai Endo Gravenberch
Salah Nunez Gakpo

Can we finally have some players back from injuries, please.



No Gakpo, no Gravenberch and no Lijnders on the bench.

Get some young players who are hungry if necessary.

You dont half make me chuckle on the impact you think Lindjers has are you suggesting Klopp is easily led.


Well I think he has his ear. We need players who are hungry, most people from the Netherlands don’t even know what that is.

Gravenberch and Gakpo are ideale son in laws we don’t need those.

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Jones over Gravenberch every day of the week.


Gravenberch was fucking appalling today and has no right to start over Elliott or Jones and I’m not Jones’ biggest fan.
MF 3 of Endo, Elliott and Jones. Sloboszlai needs a kick up the arse too.

We badly need Jota, Robbo and McAllister back.


Do we have 11 players we can call for this? Picking up a new injury every week.

Our bench is gonna be a like creche.

Stop buying Dutch players, they are not hungry and not good enough off and get rit of Lijnders who puts that Dutch shite in Klopps ear.

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Dutch = Anti-Dutch?

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Just an assumption at the this point.

Klopp seemed really excited about Graverberch when he arrived.

Anyhow I don’t think Gakpo was all that bad today.

Dom had an awful match to be honest and I’m his biggest fan.

Not sure if Jones plays 3 in less than 7 days though. I would consider Elliott.

Need Maca back asap and Jota to be honest, slight bonus in this is the fact it’s 2 games in 3 days and ironically more travel for them than us


Only thing Gakpo did that annoyed me was when Trent brought the ball out of the air over his shoulder in defence, turned, ran forwards then picked out Gakpo with a 40 yard pass and Cody was just stood offside. No reason for that kind of stuff, very annoying.


Don’t know if it is a Dutch League thing… but both look a tad ponderous against good sides.
Takes time to bed-in and get up to speed with the demands of the PL I suppose

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I’m not watching Gravenberch…. put Elliott in his place and I agree with the side.

Just say Ajax, and watch what happens :grin:

I dunno, I was in a branch of Albert Heijn last week and they seemed to be stripping food from the shelves like it was going out of fashion.

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I’d been thinking the same thing. For me it’s more a lack of aggression or the absolute will to win , that is a prerequisite if you want to be successful here.Looking cultured and confident on the ball is one thing but it counts for nothing in this league unless you’re willing to get stuck in.


Forget pet hates, poor performances etc. this is as much about time and risk management as it is who played well against West Ham and / or Arsenal.

It’s risky to start Jones, Klopp subbed him off I assume because he’s played roughly 150 mins this week and maybe with this game in mind. He may get 60 mins or come on for 30 mins or be held back for Newcastle.

Gravy was poor but he was coming back from injury and clearly wasn’t fit. He’ll be better for that 30 mins and an extra 2 days of training. He’ll start.

Is Endo up for 3 games in a week? Could we see Trent as the nominal ‘DM’? With Mac back soon I guess Klopp will risk Endo.
Szobo has run his nuts off this week / past month. I think Elliott may get the nod with Szobo coming on for 30 mins.

We have few options for the back line. Quansah for Konate (held back for Newcastle)?

Up front Nunez and Mo are certs. I’m guessing Diaz may be rested for his ‘sore knee’ so Gakpo starts again. Hopefully Jota will be back soon.

We’re not putting out our best team we’re putting out a team to relieve and prevent fatigue and potential injuries due to said tiredness.

------------------------------ Ali

Trent ------- Quansah -------- VvD -------- Gomez

---------------------------- Endo

------------- Elliott ------------------- Gravenberch

Salah ------------------- Gakpo -------------- Nunez


Is Klopp doing a press conference today?

Don’t care about the lineup aslong it is without Gakpo and/or Gravenberch.

You don’t win with ideal son in laws.

Yeah it’s fucking boring now. I generally feel Gakpo has been fine overall.