Pre Match | Everton vs. Liverpool | PL Matchday 5 | Saturday October 17th 12:30h | Goodison Park

Time to bounce back and for that there is no better occasion than the away game derby.

As long as Sadio and Hendo return and no one gets injured / infected i am positive on this.

Trent Joseph Virgil Andrew
©Jordan Fábio Georginio
Mohamed Roberto Sadio



@GermanRed are you sure about this? Bold call starting this thread!

Also, not starting Thiago?

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If everyone is fit and healthy (a very long shot at this moment in time), I’d go with the same line-up as @GermanRed posted, but putting Thiago in midfield instead of Fabinho, who hasn’t exactly been fantastic as the nr. 6 for us in the last months.

On the other hand, it’s maybe worth thinking about instating a VVD-Fabinho partnership at the back. They did well when paired together. Otherwise, just go with Gomez and VVD, they’ll be raring to put things right after their poor show the other day.

Then, there is the goalie issue. Klopp will probably want to display his trust in Adrian by keeping him between the sticks. Hopefully the lad will pay him back with a good performance, fingers crossed!


Massive test after Sunday’s debacle, hopefully the captain is back and Matip is available for the bench. With Adrian in goal our defensive line needs to be brought back close to protect him.

I would go with Thiago and Diogo instead of Fabinho and Firmino respectively. Aside their recent patchy form, they would be returning from trans Atlantic adventure and wouldn’t be in the best possible conditions.


If we don’t win this game I won’t start a League Game thread until the end of the year.

Thiago can start in the CL but would have no problem if he plays against Everton.

Think Klopp is the type of manager who will start most of the players that started against Villa to give them the chance to correct that freak result.


We can not have Adrian any longer in goal so here it is.

                      TAA Gomez van Dijk Robertson
                       Henderson Thiago Wijnaldum
                           Salah Firmino Mané

Good thing about sport, innit?

There is always another chance to right the wrongs.

Carlo is no mug and will have they set up perfectly for us, to say nothing of the fact that they are flying, whilst we are coming off an historic and embarrassing defeat. Will be an arm wrestle until we pull away late…1-3.


Long way away, this. Who knows where we’ll be in terms of Covid after the internationals.

I’d expect Henderson, Thiago and Mane to start. But fuck knows beyond that.

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Difficult to predict the first 11 with the game being in 10 days and so many internationals being played all over the world. Yeah, I guess we can look at it from the current point of view and the fact that we won’t have much time to train for this game. I think we have the advantage over Everton in this situation, since we’re together for much longer than them.

Some players are scheduled to be back by October 17th, but it would be too much for them to start. However I think that in the next few games, if nothing major happens, Matip will get his chance to come in and stay in instead of Gomez. With Hendo & Thiago returning soon, I think also Fabinho might drop to the bench more often.

Assuming most of our players are fit, and given how exposed we were in the high line, coupled with Adrians abilities, id say as an away game, dont get sucked into their hands, and go with a more conservative and compact approach with a 4231.
Trent Matip VVD Robbo
Hendo Fabinho
Salah Thiago Mane

TBH it is way too early to be looking at team selections. Let’s see who is fit, available and virus free at the end of next week. Given the timescales for any of our players coming back from South America it may be worth rotating them.

After the Villa debacle I would consider playing our DM further back as more of a sweeper as I don’t think Adrian is as comfortable as Alisson in the Sweeper-Keeper role.

I’m actually thinking a bugger-all draw would be a decent result in this one. We always seem to struggle to break down Ancelotti’s teams.

If all are available I would stick with the regular back 4. Fabinhois a possibility bit he lacks the recovery pace of Gomez
Midfieldfor me has to include Hendo and Thiago with either Gini or Millie. Milner was excellent when he came on against Villa and showed the toughness and determination lacking in the reat of the team
An interchanging front 3 of Mo, Sadio and Diogo for me. Bobby has been playing on the fringes for to long.Needs to step up his game a lot.
Minamino is another possibity for MF due to his work rate and battling qualities . He would certainly help out the back four more than Keita does but lacks that bit of composure needed for a striker.

This is starting to feel a bit like history repeating itself. What happened last time we were due to face the Ev at Goodison with their tails up and our goalkeeper injured?

Wouldn’t rule it out.


I’m nervous. We all know what happened last time @GermanRed started a match thread. Very bold move on their part. Balls dude.

I feel we need a serious intervention from @Lowton_Red followed by the traditional war cry from @PeachesEnRegalia simply to get us in the right frame of mind.

As far as players I’d personally want to see Thiago. Purely to continue my man crush.

Even going 4-2-3-1 just to keep Ancelotti guessing a little. I’ve no doubt Everton will be targeting TAA.

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I think I’m right in saying that when the PL went into hibernation back in March, our next match was at Goodison, they were on a bit of a bounce from appointing Ancelotti, and Alisson was injured.

I’m definitely sticking with @GermanRed,just a blip in the season so no need to shit the bed and turn into fannies,we’ll either win or these cunts will scrape a jammy fucking draw.


Also,i’d rather have Adrian in goal than that short armed shit cunt gimp Pickford.


A huge risk putting Matip on the bench! What if he falls off it? That’s another 6 months out!