Pre Match | Everton vs. Liverpool | PL Matchday 5 | Saturday October 17th 12:30h | Goodison Park

Why don’t just let them score a few after our players are off the pitch? That’s what is being conspired anyways

Fucking fuming

Eh how do you work that out.

We were cheated

Man - I’m done for the weekend - daylight robbery… fuck this.


Wow we deserved more I am sick of football and the way its going VAR is biggest pile of shit I have come across

Absolute travesty

fucking football

If that’s offside the game has gone.


I didn’t imagine that? The first set of lines showed him onside?

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I feel conned

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Can a VAR decision be retrospectively overturned?

Injuries, form and points. But let’s hope I am wrong.

I would have felt better if we really did not played well enough to get a win than to be robbed this way.

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Nope when they make a bullshit call its still bullshit.



My new conspiracy thread is thataway… :point_right:t2:


Did someone say that oliver was the best ref?

Bullshit decision by VAR!

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Its not even that an arm, a hairs length ahead of the defender, poses any actual advantage at all; they would do well to remember what the offside rule was introduced for.

BUT Bitters were allowed to kick us all day long…the game is becoming a joke, all on the part of the officiating.


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