Pre Match | Fulham vs. Liverpool | PL Matchday 12 | Sunday December 13th 16:30h | Craven Cottage

The surprise inclusion of some of the regular players in the CL game did raise a few eyebrows, but we have come out of it unscathed except for Tsimikas injury. Period. We can leave the CL behind us now till Feb and focus on the league with Liverpool facing the three London clubs in 7 days starting Fulham on Sunday.

Fulham were very poor at the start of the season, but did defeat Leicester couple of games back. Our away form in PL on the other hand has been poor lately, with draws against Everton, City and Brighton in the previous three away games. The other two games were Chelsea and Aston villa, leaving us with just one away win in PL this season. Expect us to start putting some away wins on the board and Fulham would be a good start.

Ideally Klopp might not go full strength in all of the three games, and we may see some rotation in this one. Going by who played against Midtyjlland, there is possibility of Salah and Trent not starting this one and us going with the best possible XI against Spurs mid-week.

Possible Line up: Kelleher – Neco, Matip, Fabinho, Robertson – Gini, Hendo, Curtis - Jota, Bobby, Mane.

Depending on how the game goes, we might see Keita in action and even Salah (if he doesn’t start) if we aren’t in a comfortable position towards the latter part of the game. I do hope it doesn’t come to that though.


Smash them, they’re shit.

3 points, and a few goals please. Our GD is now +9, compared to Spurs +14. That 7-2 (-5 goal) hammering is old news.

We play Spurs on the following Wednesday, so expect to see a couple rested. I’d like to see Phillips in for one of Fab or Matip to save legs for Weds. Salah probably on the bench too given he played 90 last night.

Gini, Robbo, Hendo, Mane, Jota, Jones all to start I suspect. Don’t expect Klopp to rest too many. Momentum and rhythm gained from back to back big score wins in the PL running into Weds night will be important.

Expect to see something like - Kelleher, Neco, Phillips, Fab (or Matip), Robbo, Hendo, Gini, Jones, Jota, Mane, Firmino.

Hopefully have the game tied up early, and get more minutes for sharpness in for Naby, Trent etc etc


Can we please not use this phrase. It reminds me of Carlo, then Everton, then Pickford and finally VVD.

There are some pretty good alternatives (not to VVD, oh god, no)



Can I play too?

discombobulated - frankly my favourite and a word that should be used far more in everyday conversations.


Nice one you got there. Just let a naughty kid pronounce it 10 times and you will have peace for rest of the day.

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Probably this:

Trent Matip Fabinho Robertson
Jones Henderson Wijnaldum
Salah Firmino Mane
Subs: Kelleher, Phillips, N. Williams, Tsimikas, Keita, Minamino, Jota.

2 of those draws the result of corrupt officiating.

Agree with your team, I think Matip and Fab will start the next 2 with Phillips coming in against Palace.


On the general subject of discombobulation, why did I think Fulham had been relegated last season? They were promoted having won their play-off. Must be confusing it with the season before.

Anyway, what do I know about the Cottagers other than it is to do with some activity in public bogs?

I think I’ll stick to the football…


Andre Marriner is the referee. With him, we drew 3 games and won 7 in the last 10.

14/01/18 Liverpool FC - Manchester City 2 - - 4:3
28/04/18 Liverpool FC - Stoke City 1 - - 0:0
29/09/18 Chelsea FC - Liverpool FC 2 - - 1:1
03/11/18 Arsenal FC - Liverpool FC 1 - - 1:1
10/03/19 Liverpool FC - Burnley FC 2 - - 4:2
04/05/19 Newcastle United - Liverpool FC 1 - - 2:3
17/08/19 Southampton FC - Liverpool FC 1 - - 1:2
14/09/19 Liverpool FC - Newcastle United - - - 3:1
14/12/19 Liverpool FC - Watford FC 2 - - 2:0
22/07/20 Liverpool FC - Chelsea FC 1 - - 5:3

Lee Mason is the VAR.

Must win 1-3


You connected these many dots to get to VVD, but my display pic and name didn’t remind you of him? :joy:


It doesn’t remind me the incident :frowning:


Good preview. Could do without a lot of the ifs, ands, buts, mights, and maybes. Again though, nice effort with considerable room for improvement.


Ermm… :smirk:


Smash them. They’re sh…

God damnit.



Yeah, I was wondering when you would show up.

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Kelleher, Trent, Phillips, Fabinho, Robertson, Gini, Henderson, Jones, Mane, Firmino, Jota.
Give Joel a rest before we play the north London pretenders.


Trent Matip Fab Robbo
Hendo Gini
Jota salah bobby mane

Salah off at 60 for Jones after we are up 5-0.

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Pretty sure that it’s going to be

Trent Matip Fabinho Robertson
Jones Henderson Wijnaldum
Jota Firmino Mané
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No no no…what the hell is this?
…this is messed up! Peaches, you still have to do it properly…