Pre-match: Leeds v Liverpool, Monday 17th April, 20:00

Bunch of snowflakes.

No, not our white-clad opponents, but those on this forum too scared to open a match thread.

If we turn up, we’ll twat them. If we don’t, we’ll lose.

The end.


Nothing much more to add to be honest.

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TAA Konate vanDijk Robertson
Henderson Fabinho Thiago
Salah Firmino Nunez

3 nil for someone!

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I hope Thiago doesn’t play as he slows play down far too much and certainly doesn’t accelerate things!

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Smash them, they are truly shit.


Positives - We didn’t help Everton.

I’m a football Luddite and I don’t quite understand why if Klopp wants Trent in midfield pulling strings like De Bruyne he doesn’t just play him in midfield and use Gomez or Milner at RB.

But Klopp has forgotten more about football than I’ll ever know. So

Trent Konate Van Dijk Robbo
Elliott Thiago
Salah Nunez Diaz

Agree that they are shite. Three points here lads.

Yeah our midfield has been so fast paced without him

Yes they’re bad. Still good enough to beat us at Anfield a few months ago. Glad we’re performing better on the road.

Obviously Allison in goal…

Fabinho Konate VVD Robbo

Trent Thiago Jones

Salah Nunez Cody


Yes, i want to see Everton relegated too but not sure i’d want to lose this game :slight_smile:

Mo Salah,

if your on here having a read…

If we get a penalty, you just go and stand at the center circle!




As if.

Mohamed Salah No GIF by Liverpool FC

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We would def win!

You mean with Fab bombing up and down the line lol? We complain when people outrun Trent on the wing, as much as i like Fab a lot of wingers could walk past him (for pace i mean). I kind of get why some want Trent in midfield but if you’re going to do that it has to be Joe or even Millie as RB.

I see Fab as a stay at home RB, when Trent is in position ahead if him.

You prefer Milner for pace? Really?

Fab has the positional sense required, and with a traingle of him, Konate and Trent that side is adequately covered.

Far more fun for them to stay up and have to thank us for it. They’d be as bitter as quinine.

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What about a draw? :thinking: :face_with_peeking_eye:

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You’ll have to ask @gasband about that I think.

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