Pre-match | Leicester City v Liverpool | PL Match Day 19 |Tuesday 28th December 20:00h | King Power Stadium

So, Brendan’s side are showing typical Rodgers’ traits. A whiny manager and no defence to speak of. They got tonked by City yesterday and Liverpool will be hoping to embarrass them in their own back yard. Liverpool had their scheduled game against Leeds cancelled due to covid in the Leeds camp so ought to be rested.

Take it away…


I was thinking of starting it, so thanks @Kopstar.

Straight to my preffered line up;

Ali, Trent, Konate, Virgil, Tsimikas, Fabinho, Hendo, Thiago, Mane, Jota, Salah.

Go strong, smash Brenda’s blues. Get the gap back to 3 points.

Assume Hendo is fit. If not I’d be tempted with Ox. Had a good showing against Leicester. I would go Konate for his pace over Matip.

Edit: forgot Naby, I’d start him if Hendo or Thiago aren’t able to start…


Klopp has a couple of decisions to make, does he risk playing Fabinho and a booking makes him miss the Chelsea game, is Thiago ready to start or will Keita or Ox start.

Matip for this one.

Konate to put Lukaku in his pocket.


Think Salah and Mané will start both games because after Chelsea they are gone anyway.

Not sure in which one i would start Jota and in which Bobby.


I see the strongest possible XI for this one.

However, I think Thiago won’t start this one. He could, but I see him on the bench. On current shape and form, it’s probably Keita who deserves to start the most in that LCM role.

But we’ll see if Klopp is willing to do that with Tsimikas having to play LB.

So, possibly:

Trent Matip vDijk Tsimikas
Henderson Fabinho Keita
Salah Jota Mane

Subs: Kelleher, Konate, Gomez, Milner, Thiago, Jones, Chamberlain, Minamino, Firmino.


I don’t really care who plays as long as we wipe our arses on them. How Vardy had the audacity to score twice against our kids I’ll never understand. He, and his team of shitheads, must pay.


Hoping that Hendo is fit to start but I definitely want to see Naby there. He’s been in brilliant form lately and we lose him again in January.

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I know it’s one game at a time but with the three players leaving after Chelsea I think Klopp might be tempted to start all of them in both games.

vs Leicester

Trent Matip VvD Kostas
Keita Henderson Thiago
Salah Jota Mané

vs Chelsea

Trent Konate VvD Kostas
Henderson Fabinho Keita
Salah Firmino Mané


Freak Out Panic GIF

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Back to business as usual, 0-3.

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If we don’t score at least once from a corner, it will be a travesty.


Two things.

  1. Let’s try the chat function for the in-game discussion. If it doesn’t work, we’ll bin it but I think it will be better for short comments like calling Vardy a cunt and so on. I’ll close this at kick off, re-open at half time for more in depth comments and then close it again for the second half. The chat function is the speech bubble at the top of the screen on the red banner.

  2. Smash these pricks.


Touching on copyright territory there. Be warned


I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :nerd_face:


We’re well rested, have more or less everyone fit and these will be knackered after an hour with a makeshift defence.

It wont be easy but anything less than 3 points will be disappointing. Wouldn’t be surprised to see these snide cunts resort to the kind of shithousery they displayed at Anfield right from the 1st whistle.
It would be lovely to completely ruin their Tory wanker support’s Christmas.


Good looking out @Noo_Noo. I now hate these Tory cunts. Smash them, they’re shit.


We are going to lead 2-1 at halftime. Then score another 7 in the last 5 minutes of the 2nd half and we win 9-1


I’d rather we spread them out, one every ten minutes


Our junior team put 8 goals past them last time out vs their first team, they probably even weaker now, while we should be stronger, so at least 0-11, except we playing away from home, so another 8 goals scored and none conceded would be acceptable.

After every goal scored we should pickup the ball and give it to Kasper the twat.