Pre-match: Leicester v Liverpool, Monday 15th May, 20:00

If we turn up, we’ll twat them. If we don’t, we’ll lose.

The end.


Win, and we doom Leicester whilst giving the blueshite greater hope of servival. Lose and they Jump the bitters in the table and gives stronger hope of the turds finally being flushed down the gurgular.

Never have I gone into a game more conflicted.

If we have a slightest chance of CL next season, there is no conflict.
Everton are immaterial. Relegation for them is a minor thought. Its not like they will be challenging next season. Anyway, they did enough yesterday to reduce the chances.


Their defence us poor enough, but I still hope we play 3 instead of four forwards.

Fabinho, Jones plus Elliot/Hendo

Cody central, Salah right and Nunez/Diaz/Jota on the left.
If Leeds do a small favour on Saturday then this is massive.


I honestly couldn’t give two hoots about any other team other than the one that we are playing, and hopefully beating, next.

The players will have had a good break and don’t play again until the Saturday so I don’t see any reason not to go with our strongest starting XI.


Com’ on!

I just want us to go into this game wary of a team that’s probably on its last legs to stay in the top flight. They’ll likely put up a stronger fight than last night.

We absolutely have enough quality to put them in their place but it would still be a mistake to take this match easy. Play them as if we are playing City and we’ll get the required result.


3 points please, a clean sheet and no injuries.


Not remotely interested in what the implications of us beating Leicester has on Everton.


Everton are going to survive again, their fans will already be talking about Champions League qualification next season, after last night. So let’s just hammer Leicester next week and get the three points.


Huh? Not sure how any Liverpool supporter wants anything other than a Liverpool win.


Nothing nervy :roll_eyes:

…and if we are fortunate enough to get an early goal, and look up for it, then go for them good style and put them to the sword… Goal difference could be crucial in a few weeks time


Hope we hand them a good old fashioned royal beating,

2 points from Leeds, Everton & Fulham…only have themselves to blame.

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I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


The only worry is our set up is exactly what they thrive on, space in behind for Vardy, Daka etc.

A decent ref but the VAR :face_vomiting:

Referee: Craig Pawson. Assistants: Harry Lennard, Marc Perry. Fourth official: Andre Marriner. VAR: Chris Kavanagh. Assistant VAR: James Mainwaring.

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Not sure decent is the right word I’d use for this twat face.

This is the guy that awarded Palace a pen for Eze blatantly diving a few weeks ago…

Also we’ve had history with this fool in this very fixture just before the NY…

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Yup, my feeling on this one exactly. If ever a side was going to give them encouragement it’s us against Vardy and the like.

It’s also going to be a night game with them in a desperate state. If we conceded first, and especially if that’s early on, expect them to perform like Everton did yesterday with their tails up and the crowd behind them. But if we get one early and the mood sours, we should be good.

Basically, just be solid at the back and we should be fine. Their defence is awful and they’re picking between two of the worst keepers in the league. Just put away a couple early chances and we’ll be fine.

They are people the make mistakes. Pawson has no bias against us like the usual suspects.

He is a decent ref without an obvious bias, that is all I’m asking nowadays …

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Leicester form guide: LLLLWDDL

Let’s hope we don’t decide to play Robin Hood

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