Pre Match | Leicester vs Liverpool | PL Matchday 24 | Saturday February 13th 12:30h | King Power Stadium

6 pointer against direct competition for the Top4.

Leicester are playing Wednesday night against Brighton and then having Saturday early kickoff against us.

Let’s make it count.

The following would be my team.

Trent Phillips Davies Robertson
Henderson Fabinho Wijnaldum
Salah Firmino Mané



Bring back Adrián.


:rofl: :rofl:
You waste no time

We’ve got plenty of training time before this game. Need to integrate the new signings and get Henderson and Fab back in midfield. Proper CB will also allow us to do better at corners and set peices, on both sides of the pitch.

Alison needs to revert back to being Alison again, after his homage to (insert your favourite clanger keeper here).

We’re in poor form without doubt, despite the mitigating circumstances. Need to fight our way out if it, go back to basics when defending at times, and see where it takes us. Leicester have plenty of ballers such as Middison. Vardy will be back as well.

Somehow we need to stop this decline and eke out a win. My prediction, 0-2 with Mane and Salah.

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Alisson, Trent, Kabak, Fabinho, Robertson, Henderson, Thiago, Gini, Salah, Bobby, Mane.

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Wijnaldum needs a rest and I would prefer Kabak, who is a bundesliga player over Davies.

TAA Kabak Ben Robertson
Henderson Thiago
Mane Salah


Kelleher,TAA.Kabak,Fabinho,Robertson,Hendo,Thiago,Jones,Mane,Firmino Salah.
I’ll be benching Firmino also but no one better to replace him at the moment.

I don’t see Davies starting at CB anytime soon.


WTF :open_mouth:
We got almost a week till the next game :grimacing:
That can’t be good :pleading_face:

Because we do so well when we play every 3 days?

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So we will do good!!!

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Rodgers is usually good for a crap tactical set up and a shit the bed performance against us. One more please Brendan :handshake:


Leicester is a team that loves to play the counter-attack. So if Brenda has been paying attention he will play Catenaccio or park the bus, depending in what year you were born :sunglasses: and try te beat us on the break.

What ever happened to that Mignolet chap, oh, and that Karius catastrophe?

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Who the fuck is Kabak?
Get Phillips and Williams in there at least I know who they are. :upside_down_face:

Agree he needs a week off

Isn’t Fabinho suspended?

I don’t think so. The number of cards needed for a suspension increased the other week.

After a full week training if he does not play Kabak or Davies then he never will. We need Hendo and Fab back in midfield.

Or Phillips - although Vardy’s pace may be an issue.

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