Pre-Match | Liverpool v Arsenal | PL Match Day 12 | Saturday November 20th 17:30h | Anfield

Fuck it.

Back to winning ways ladies and gentlemen.

Arsenal have hit a decent run of form and sit only a place and 2 points behind us. But you’d have to think that the response from a wounded Liverpool team will be ferocious and bloody.

Bring it on.


Bring in ferocity and…blood. Lots of blood. But only on one side, and not enough to kill or maim.

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Smash them. They’re shit.


Lots of doubt about players being available but good to see Mane back in proper training and Henderson and Milner doing light training. I live in London and these arsenal fans are getting very mouthy again, time to put them in their place.


Referee: Michael Oliver. VAR: Chris Kavanagh.

Let’s hope that Oliver does not have to turn to VAR with that … in charge of VAR.

We win 3-1.


Let’s hope not too wounded!

Looks like Sadio’s ok. Will the Brazilians be back? We’ve looked fragile when Fab’s been out recently.

Any news about Robbo?

I’m at fever pitch. The missus now has the LFC app and keeps dropping mentions of Elliott and Konate into conversation. Great stuff!


A Becker (best in the world version)
Trent Matip Virgil Tsmikas
Henderson Fabinho Thiago
Salah Mane Jota

3 - 0 to Liverpool, all goals come in a whirlwind first half, Jurgen demanding the heavy metal angry but fair intensity, meaning the players and fans can coast a nice chilled 2nd half :pray:


@Kopstar taking the plunge, could be interesting.
3-0 to us!!!

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Time to show them what a false dawn is.

I’m thinking Timmy, Konate, and Thiago in, so Matip, Robbo, and Ox out.

If Hendo can’t make it, then Ox in.

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Arsenal building up a bit of momentum. We are a level above them, but we have stuttered too much and dropped silly points in the league. Time to assert our dominance.

I think we will be at it, and will win by three. Even with a few injuries.

Can’t wait for the real action to start, after watching a self-congratulatory England team revel in its achievements. International football is a joke for throwing up those fixtures and disrupting proper football for it, but that’s another story…


Win by any means necessary. Performance is secondary, the team needs to get into the groove again.

More dropped points and this will start looking like post Crystal Palace last season. And no more injuries please.


Is Bobby back for this? He loves playing Arsenal at home.

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Might be back before Christmas.

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Robertson is having a scan on a hamstring injury and Curtis Jones is unavailable for a ‘number of weeks’ due to his injured eye.


I have a mad feeling about this one that we could make a statement.

Arsenal touted as turned the corner under Arteta (which they have in 100% fairness for he bloke) and after us not turning up at West Ham I fully expect us to be chomping at the bit.

4-0 Liverpool. Salah x 2 Mane and Ox


Could not beat City or Chelsea - ok no problem.

Could not beat in-form teams like Brentford and Brighton and lost to West Ham.

Yet still all I’m seeing are win predictions by 3 goals.

Arsenal are third in the form table and we have some injury doubts and surely some players won’t be at 100% and have to play through the pain.

I’ll take a 1-0 win in the 94th minute.

Trent Matip VvD Kostas
Thiago Fabinho Henderson
Salah Mane Jota

And then threat the Porto game like it is a League Cup game and rest as many as possible.


You know what, I’ve missed facing an Arsenal side in a bit of form, it’s been a while. Looking forward to it.

Depending on our midfield situation, I could see us having the double-pivot in mind also, of Fabinho and Thiago. It’s more tricky to play it without Bobby, but we have other options. Looking forward to see Thiago get a run of games at LCM, hopefully he’s worked on his fitness during the break.

Par example if Ox (currently on paper the obvious choice to start, but hopefully we can have Hendo/Millie fit, especially Hendo of course) is struggling to put together a clean performance in CM, we can change the structure.

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Correct on all points but Arsenal have played no one decent yet.
Even their fans say they arent playing as well as their results suggest.

But you are right to be cautious


I’m more concerned about if we will shoot ourselves in both feet again like at have several times this season, than anything arsenal throw at us. We need to go on a winning run, we’ve dropped a lot of points already through carelessness.


Just mildly disadvantage :slight_smile: