Pre Match: Liverpool v. Brentford, 1400 UTC, Sunday 16 January 2022 (Premier League)

People need to step up.

And by that, I mean our players. Time to show that inventiveness and skill we all know that you’re capable of.

I have a soft spot for Brentford, but they’re not leaving Anfield with any points.

We need a win, and we need ruthlessness. Finish them off, then Arsenal again, and then keep rolling on. Blips are temporary but class is permanent.


No new injuries according to Klopp. A few knocks.

Divock started running outside yesterday.



I’m trying to stay positive, 1-0 although I have no clue who or how we will score.

Moss is the ref, perhaps he will be so kind to give us a penalty.

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He will be too far away to see it.


Looks like I won’t be getting a chance to start another pre-match thread ever again then…

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After last night we need to be starting from a point of who is actually fit. Trent didn’t look anywehre near it. Milner shouldn’t have been starting but I think he would still be a good option from the bench.

In terms of a front 3 I would look at sticking Bobby in the middle, Jota on the left and then “someone” on that right hand side. I don’t think Minamino is the answer. At the moment I’d actually take a punt on Gordon providing there are senior players around him.

Why does this feel like a typical Liverpool January? Is it the cold weather or a lack of Vitamin D? I’m sure this is why we have won more European trophies than Championships in the last 30 years.


Jones must start, Milner is simply not at this level any more.

I’d have Kostas and Williams playing also, they like to get wide which we will need.


Trent - Matip - Van Dijk - Tsimikas

Oxlade - Fabinho - Jones

Williams - Firmino - Jota


Hope we don’t get into the type of game we did at their place, Chamberlain for Milner and Jones for minamino and smash them 4-0.

Our form in last five games DLDShrewsburyD


Trent and Robbo will start. Konate will start beside VVD as Matip won’t play at short notice again. Best player on the pitch last night but he won’t start Sunday.

Hopefully Fabinho, Jones and Hendo with Bobby, Jota and Gordon up front.

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I’d have Ox in midfield, after Neco’s cameo I’d consider him though I think you have to play Matip if you do.

Maybe Ox upfront if you aren’t considering Minimino, though I’d look at Kaide Gordon, I think 15 mins of him last night would have got an idea of what he can offer in the next month.

One thing he did against Shrewsbury (and I know it’s Shrewsbury, though Arsenal aren’t known for their defensive skills) was get his shots away in crowded areas.

I’d play:


Trent - Matip - Van Dijk - Robbo

Hendo- Fabinho - Jones

Ox - Firmino - Jota

We need three points. We need to be on the front foot early. We need to get back to “blowing teams away early” form.

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I don’t want Hendo or Milner in this one. Ox and Jones with Fab, Gordon at RW

Van Dijk on the bench. Trent as well. light a fire in this boys, if you’re on form you play

Neco Matip Konate Tsimikas
Ox Fab Jones
Gordon Firmino Jota

can’t do any worse than what we’ve been doing, so let the kids have a run out. Brentford have been dreadful

Hendo needs to be given his hybrid 8-10 role this hybrid 6-7 stuff isn’t working without Thiago (as playmaker).
We have a big problem with the playmaker role (do our coaches understand it?).

Wow, I wonder?
Would you be available to explain it to them?


We have a chance for three points as longs as none of them get sent off.

I think a change in midfield is obvious. Ox or Jones for Milner, and I would prefer Ox atm.

The defence will most likely stay the same. Hoping Robbo (assuming he plays), and especially Trent, have a much improved crossing abilities.

In attack I don’t see any changes, we don’t have any options other than a youth player to replace Taki, or maybe Jones.

No chance of Mo missing this one.

Playing him upfront last time was an unmitigated disaster.

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The question is arte they available to visit me? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

Ox and Jones in for Milner and Minamino, maybe play some sort of diamond type bullshit. Wouldn’t be disappointed to see Williams and Tsimikas at full-back either.

These are leaking goals away from home to average teams atm, failure to beat them would be quite alarming.


Perhaps this should be in the former player thread, but it was the 100 year anniversary of Billy Liddell’s birth this Tuesday gone, and the match programme reflects this. He played over 500 games for us and scored over 200 goals across all comps and we were sometimes known as liddellpool. A true legend. He won the first division with us in 46-47.

His league debut for us was postponed by a few years because of the second World War during which he volunteered for the RAF and served as a navigator.