Pre Match: Liverpool v Derby County (LC 09/11/2022)

Time to rotate and rest a few of the regulars and give some underused posters a chance to prove their worth.

Would love to see Kelleher, Ramsey, Tsimikas, Arthur and Jones all get starts with a few younger lads like Bradley and Gordon getting minutes off the bench - Especially if we have a solid lead early in the 2nd half, get them as much time as possible.





We want names!


Ramsay Gomez Nat Tsimikas
Ox Bajcetic Milner
Elliott Carvalho Jones

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Is Milner ok for this? Was it a concussion precaution? I’d go with that. Have Hendo and Nunez on the bench and maybe Salah, potentially Konate and Robbo as well.

The rest probably should be fully rested, only putting Salah there as he isn’t going to the World Cup.

Well my last Pre Match thread saw us crash out of a cup early in Klopps tenure and have been frozen out ever since.

Time for me to step up and prove I am worth of a spot starting Pre Match threads :wink:


Has hardly played, and needs to prove he is worth keeping around post WC. If he doesn’t play Wednesday, then what is the point in keeping him for the rest of the season?

All fine but he was ruled out for 3 months a month back.

Klopp didn’t stick Adrian on the bench because he didn’t want to give Arthur splinters.

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Full 90s for Kelleher, Bajcetic and Carvalho please.


Wonder if we’ll see a start for one of the academy lads, I hope so.

Ramsay Gomez Phillips Tsimikas
Milner Bajcetic
Ox Carvalho Jones

Put Ox centre forward if any of the latter 3 start. Case to be made for including Henderson instead of an academy lad from the start, give him 45 or 60.

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Salah is four goals off King Kenny’s goal record. Let’s do this.


I expect a few youngsters on the bench, I don’t expect Klopp to start anyone outside of the first team squad. Be nice if one or two got to sample a few minutes.

Good thing is plenty of squad players could do with minutes anyhow.

Shit, I missed him being ruled out for 3 months.

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First and only game I’ll be missing this season, will be following live updates whilst driving.

Kelleher Ramsay Gomez Phillips Tsimikas Bajcetic Corness Spearing Doak Carvalho Clark

Times like this where you wish you still had Minamino but good luck to the kids, do yourself proud.

Looking at the possible starting XI, you realise how strong our squad has become over the years. Only Bajcetic can be considered as kid. Even Ramsay and Carvalho have considerable competitive experience. Kelleher, Gomez, and Tsimikas will be starters with any PL sides outside the top 6.

I didn’t think you were old enough to drive. :smile::smile::smile:


Ramsay Quansah Phillips Chambers
Chamberlain Bajcetic Milner
Carvalho Stewart Jones

Subs: Adrian; Gomez, Tsimikas, Cain, Clark, Doak, Frauendorf

Personally I’m concerned about Gomez staying healthy and Quansah is a very takented defender who I think deserves a shot. Gomez and Tsinikaz just too important, even with only 1 gane before the break, to risk (I know Klopp is going to start them but I personally wouldnt).

Stewart has been fantastic this season. Ben Doak from the bench would be electric.


I think that this is an opportunity to play into form for a couple of players.

Southampton and a break? So play a mixed team and try a couple of things.

Chambers, Konate, Gomez and Tsimikas. Get matches into Konate…

Trent, Bajcetic and Ox in midfield.

Carvalho, Salah and Jones.

We are the holders, we have a break coming up, we need to play into some sort of form

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Well look at you laughing at your own snide jokes.

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I wasn’t going to bother with the Cup Of Cocoa Cup this year but my DAZN subscription doesn’t run out until the Thursday, so why not?

I definitely want to see serious game time for Kelleher and Ramsey and I suspect that the rest will be a mix of second choice squad players and under 23s.

I’m hoping that Klopp leaves this as a competition for squad players. In fact is he taking charge or will Pep Lijnders be taking the lead on this.

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