Pre-match: Liverpool v Fulham, Wednesday 3rd May, 20:00

If we turn up, we’ll twat them. If we don’t, we’ll lose.

The end.


We will score about 3 goals, the big question is how many will we concede I’m going for 3-1 to us.

As cynical says, turn up we will win the game, don’t and we won’t.

Assume Henderson to play and Fabinho to be tested, Jota starts for me.

We turned up for twenty minutes today and twatted them.

Then we didn’t turn up for the rest of the game and nearly threw it away.

Can we please have a full ninety minutes this time?


Be generous we had a few chances more before that offside.

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We’ll win 5-4.

If Klopp wants to carry on with the Trent in midfield and 3 at the back…then go with 3 CB’s? Robbo is not suited to playing LCB…Ibou’s starting to give me the shivers, I’d give him another go here but he needs to cut out the rashness and learn to hold his position…by all means come forward contest aerially but too often he’s been found venturing in the midfield line to close down a ball he doesn’t need to be doing…then we have Fab/Hendo Trent and 1 of our CB’s all taken out the game leaving huge gaps in our back line.

Ali Matip Ibou Virgil Trent Hendo Milner Robbo Salah Gakpo Diaz

I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:

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Win five games in a row?

Shocked The Princess Bride GIF

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Five games, five fingers, all cool :slight_smile:

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We should employ the pre-Thiago “Liverpool has no game management, Liverpool needs no game management” approach that served us well in 2018-2020 again, especially when Thiago most likely will not start.

(Gondor has no king, Gondor needs no king).

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We already do that. If you watched the game yesterday, it’s fairly obvious we don’t know what ‘game management’ is.

This is one we should win. I don’t think Fulham have much to play for at this point.

This should be another chance to hone the three at the back. Is there a possibility to start another CB ahead of Robertson? I’d be interested how that pans out.

Pereira is out he broke his ankle this weekend.

Referee: Stuart Attwell. Assistants: Darren Cann, Nick Hopton. Fourth official: Darren England. VAR: Tony Harrington. Assistant VAR: Dan Cook.

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Turned out to be wrong on both counts. One day Sean Bean will play an immortal character and wink at the camera when it’s revealed. Although Sharpe was close.

Games coming up thick and fast right now, and against Tottenham, after a great initial fifteen minutes, our team sort of imploded and was quite mediocre for the rest of the game.

This can’t be haphazard, we are falling back into the same pattern than before our recent run of performances, when we could play one game a week. This surely has to do with the physical state of the squad.

That in my opinion is the main thing Klopp and co. have to fix this summer. It’s way more important than bringing player x or y into the club. There has been something fundamentally wrong with our physical preparation over almost the whole season, and especially since the world cup. I’d really like to know what it is, and how it can be fixed. It’s surely not easy, as otherwise, a solution would surely have been found already.

So, it’s really hard to predict what kind of team we’ll see on Wednesday. At least, Kloppo has a bit more leeway with rotating his lads. That will hopefully allow him to bring in a bit more freshness into the starting team, fingers crossed.

Mona needs to put a pan of Scouse on her menu choice…

The team was fine up til about 35 minutes.

Salah had a chance he should have at least put on target and Gakpo was put through once but he couldn’t get a shot off, there was another when the player should have shot but left it too long.

Hendo did settle it for about 20 mins after half time but they lost their heads after that.

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Fulham in April LLWWLL

When is mitrovic back?