Pre Match: Liverpool v. Leicester City, 1945 UTC, Thursday 10 February 2022

Salah to take out his sorrows on this lot?

Either way, only concerned about us taking all 3 points without any injuries.

Humiliating their over-rated self-obsessed manager would be a bonus. If he’s still there by then.


Now way should Mo start after 4 extra times In this tournament.


Getting this out of the way early, because I hate this shithouse team:

Smash them, they’re shit.

5-0 to the Reds. Jota x2, Harvey, Diaz, Divock


The match in December is still fresh in my mind. That day we were lacking energy and creativity in midfield. Hopefully with Thiago, Keita, Jones and Elliott now available we should be a bit better off.

Even if it’s too soon for Sadio and/or Mo, I feel with a front three of made up of some combination of Diaz, Jota, Bobby and Elliott we should have enough to get some goals out of this.

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Well you can expect this lot to pick themselves out of the gutter and raise their game for us.

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No one said he had to start… I think 10 minutes is more than enough for him to tear them apart…


I actually thought the main problem was the woeful finishing. We were on something ridiculous like 3+ xG with Leicester on <1 xG…


Can’t it be both?

It’d be quite hard for it to be both given what the statistics from that match say…

21 shots from us, 6 from them, 4 on target from us, 1 from them.

12 corners to 1, 63% to 37% possession.

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Well the pen should have been scored, Mane blasted over a sitter.

Elliott to start and get 60 mins out of him. I assume we would start him in MF mind. Diaz probably on the bench again, not sure if Salah plays and with Mane now having won the AFCON he won’t eithier.

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Trent Matip VvD Robbo
Hendo Fabinho Keita
Minamino Bobby Diogo

Mo and Sadio coming on together if needed.

I don’t like them or their fans, a view only reinforced by the shit a bunch of them pulled today. On top of that we owe them for the boxing day bollocks. Smash them.

Fab, thiago, Harvey midfield to play them off the park. Jota, Firmino, Diaz up top to rip them to shreds. Mane and Salah to come on towards the end of the match to play with their knackered defenders - not to be confused with their defender’s knackers.

This a game where we will have a lot of possession and they will sot deep to nick it if they can. Nous needed in the middle of the pitch to keep it steady while we turn the screw.


FFS Kavanagh again … :rage:

Chris Kavanagh Assistants: Dan Cook, Dan Robathan. Fourth official: Martin Atkinson. VAR: Darren England

Who the hell is Darren England?

Here you go, been the VAR before.


His real name is Darren Leicester so we might be f***ed!

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I don’t think we’ll need both Mo and Sadio. A big bonus if they’re ok to help out at the end of course. Let’s put it this way if they’re both on the bench and displace either Luis or Harvey, I will need an explanation in the form of goals from both of them😉

Yeah, I don’t think it will help us that they just got humiliated by Forest. That will add more motivation for them.

Any win will do. Would love to put 4 past them, but just want the 3 points and to start gathering momentum.

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Or the thrashing at Forest sucks whatever remaining self-belief they had right out of them. On top of Rodger’s hatchet job on them they might be thinking they would all be better off with a different manager next season.