Pre Match: Liverpool v Manchester United - Sunday 17th December 16:30

Times are correct, and to not be changed or you shall face the wrath of @GoneKloppo and @Bekloppt

United are a shambles, so if we don’t match last season’s 7-0 it will feel like a loss - KloppOut!


Ooooo, I don’t know about this.

Big games require someone to step up and take a chance at eternal glory.

No one else has, so I am grabbing TAN by the collar and dragging the forum with me.


RedWhippet is having a sleepover.

Aww, the little whiper snapper is all tuckered out after this mornings game and needs a snooze does he?

3 points,a clean sheet and no injuries.


Back to the big time, nice fresh team ready to go and serve out some almighty scouse ass whopping.

Ali Trent Konate Virgil Kostas Endo Szobo Grav Salah Nunez Diaz

An emphatic ruthless dominant display. The turd is gonna be swept out and dispatched back to where it came from. Up the red men!!


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At least we know who to put the blame on if we somehow don’t win the easiest game of the season.


I get very nervous when there is 100% conviction on here that we are about to give our next opponent an ass whipping. I’m recall a similar mood last year when we met them early in the season and they were a shambles. But at least they are still a shambles.


This is a definite potential banana skin.

They have nothing to lose. A 6-0 defeat would better expectations.

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I think we will win if we turn up. It’s that idea we might not that often worries me.

I’m glad it’s at Anfield anyhow.


Up early training with the army - but that’s a whole other story!

I’m not, particularly after last season where we seemed to follow up dishing an utter twatting by losing the next games.

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After his last complaint about me calling him a useless cunt im not allowed withing 50 metres of him.

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This is the match which sees Trent start at 6.
Gomez, Konate, VVD and Tsimikas

Szoboszlai, Trent, Jones

Salah, Gakpo, Diaz…

Nunez and Elliot first off the bench.

I don’t like over confidence etc, and thinking of the Luton and Fulham games we need to be professional and ruthless.

But, we are top of the league for a reason.
Lets show why.


Mmmm 3-1 good guys.

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Easy to predict the lineup.

TAA Konate VvD Tsimikas
Szoboszlai Endo Gravenberch
Salah Nunez Diaz

Gakpo, Elliott and Jones played the full 90 yesterday. Doubt they will start on Sunday.

Endo and Konate off at HT yesterday surely a hint for a start on Sunday.

Hope Jota will make it to the bench.


I’m just hoping that we keep it tight defensively. I’m getting sick of having to come back from a goal down.

Give it until 60 minutes and then look to get Elliott and Jones on and go the full Heavy Metal.

Do we get a presser for this one or did Klopp do that at the end of last night? As previously mentioned, I caught up on my beauty sleep after full time.

F… I’ll miss this game… :rage:

But it will be great for those present to see Anfield with 57k supporters , the highest attendance since 50 years! :+1:

I just hope that our lads will be focused and will not take anything for granted. That lot is currently a wounded animal. Based on quality alone, we should beat them, but only if our lads are at 100%. Fingers crossed for us to take the three points and heap further misery on our perennial rivals!


Poor planning! We were having friends round for a roast on Sunday - I kyboshed it with the wife entirely and now they are coming for dinner at 630pm. Priorities.

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