Pre Match | Liverpool v ManUnited | PL Matchday 19 | Sunday January 17th 16:30h | Anfield

United still have two to play until this game - but very likely to lead the table by then. Winner will be ‘Champion of the half series’

Good opportunity to start a new run and to put them back in their place.

I belive with Matip the First11 are obvious

Al-Ar Matip Fabinho Robertson
Henderson Thiago Wijnaldum
Salah Firmino Mané

Without Joel I think Klopp would go with Hendo at the back but I have no clue who he would then put next to Gini and Thiago in midfield - Milner? Ox? Jones? Shaq?

Pretty sure we will get back to our best soon - so a bad result here wouldn’t be the end of the world.



No; but it would be the end of the internet as we know it.


I think we gonna lose this one. They are too good for us.


Mmmmm, when we loose we will probably 6 point behind and the title race will be over for us. With the way we are playing right now, I see no reason for optimism and I don’t know for sure who the ref and VAR will be.

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No point fussing over the lineup since anything can happen between now and the matchday. But yeah, that’s the starting XI I would go with.


Fuck’s sake. We are not playing the super-duper intergalactic combined XI.


Clearly our best line up .Let´s hope we can click back into gear and beat this lot.

Can’t believe it will be almost exactly one year since we last played them - Jan 19th 2020.

Anfield was sold out. :pensive:

Ox started the game with Hendo and Gini in midfield - maybe Klopp will do it again :thinking:


I believe Harry Maguire will be suspended if he gets a yellow vs. Burnley.

That would make ManU huge favorites to beat us :scream:


If Matip doesn’t make it , then Phillips has to start in defence for me. I’d be utterly gobsmacked if Klopp was to repeat the mistake of sticking Hendo in there again.

I expect us to put on a show and win this game. Utd will arrive top of the table and will be experiencing an entirely new kind of pressure. Apart from a couple of them , I don’t think their players have the character to deal with it.

Let’s tear 'em a new one , à la Leicester.


Everything depends on Matip.

If he can’t make it, then I very much expect Hendo back at CB and then we have to pick another option in midfield.

I don’t see Klopp trusting Rhys Williams and even less Nat Phillips to cope with United transitions, though our game is based on stopping them from even getting there.

Jones had a few iffy performances after a solid run, Ox is back but even in the best current scenario he gives you around an hour maximum, Keita might be back in training but it could come too soon. Have a strange feeling that Millie would have a decent chance if Matip can’t make it.

What I’m happy about is that we basically have 6-7 full days for training. In our situation, it’s like a mini camp for us. Klopp said he plans quite a few 11v11 sessions. Let’s focus on going back to some of our basics and improve what we’re struggling to do lately.

I’d say the majority of our performances were still good, though sometimes we stopped playing too early. But we got in a repetitive circle of forcing things too much, playing the wrong pass, taking too many touches. Too desperate. Need to be more focused at the back and more relaxed in attack.

Can’t wait for this one, this could be exactly the game when the world thinks United have them… and then we pull out a top performance and routine win out of the bag.


Why Phillips when he is not faster than Williams and has worse ball-playing skills?

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Because he’s more experienced and is basically solid.

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Wonder will Shaq get the nod for this game. Changed the game against Villas kids. But usually changes it anyways when he comes off the bench.

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Shaq and Thiago have to start. They changed the game against Villa when everyone else looked dull and out of it


Shaqu does well in short periods when the edge has gone off the game but calling for him to start on the back of half an hour against a team of tired kids is a bit OTT in my opinion. He can change games late on but I would not start him.


Please please please Joel be fit or we are in trouble, utd tactic will be the ball in behind Trent / CB and if it’s Rhys or Nat we are struggling. The rest of the team picks itself but if mo is not at his best Shaqiri needs to be on.


So whats the game plan with the misery? Never see any confidence.

Don’t know why you bother sometimes. Maybe you should take up a different sport.


For me it was Salah who changed the game it really was a factor of not being who you play but how you play. Salah played very differently in the 2nd half to what he was doing in the 1st half imo.
Still Thiago should start he needs to learn how to cope with the intensity of the EPL. (I can not see how playing against kids helps there.


Or you put me on ignore when you don’t like to read how I see things, your ‘problem’ solved.