Pre Match | Liverpool v ManUnited | PL Matchday 19 | Sunday January 17th 16:30h | Anfield

I liked Necos performance yesterday. I know against reserves but he looked decent. Involved in two goals that I can remember.

Smash. Them. They. Are. Shit.


Its not that I want to ignore you Dutch. I’m one for the love. But I worry for you and how down you get and the constant negativity. It must wear you down.

Alas, its up to each individual to be the way they want to be around football and who am i to judge. I won’t be getting into ignoring people, not my way, and certainly goes against the mantra of ynwa.



Shaq for Bobby and shift the front three around. I hope the Bobby love-in has stopped now, his form has been bad. Being on the bench isn’t a sentence for violent crime. Mo could also do with a bit of bench time, but at least he is offering us slightly more, and who would replace him? Mini, Origi? No thanks.

Must win game imo. A decent ref and an intelligent var would help.


Salah could do with dome bench time?
Top scorer in the league. What does he have to do to please some people??

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More to the point, what does this team have to do? I get that we’ve had uneven form for a few weeks, but this is a team that has exceeded our expectations over the last three years. Let’s not forget that for all creaming the media is doing over Utd, we’ve been shitreffed out of six points this year and there should be clear water between us.

Pissed knickers all over the place. Everyone needs to get a grip. And that’s true if they beat us next week as well.


You call it negativity, I call it realism.

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This team has come back from losing finals, finishing on ninety seven points and not winning the league and from three goals down to Barca but still people continue to doubt them every time we hit a slight bump.
I think we will totally dominate this game and it’s just a matter of us being a bit sharper up top and making sure they don’t catch us on the break. I really don’t see reason to fear a team with Mctominay and Fred in midfield and lindelof and Maguire in the heart of their defence.

I will be slightly concerned if Matip doesn’t play though if I’m being honest.


I find it phenomenally hard to even contemplate your level of negativity.


You said when we lose

Thats not realism. Its not fact we will lose. Its just as likely we win or draw. You just have no faith and I guess you are only happy when we waltz the league like Juventus, PSG or Bayern every year.

I presume after we lost 3-0 to Barca in that Semi final, you decided it was finished. Istanbul? Aston villa last year? Norwich?

The statement doubters into believers didn’t break through to everyone…not that I would expect it too.


I don’t give a fuck what you think of me, how I evaluate football and especially Liverpool. Have a nice life.


How about this, for a change

                                                                 TAA Matip Fabinho Robertson
                                                                        Henderson  Wijnaldum
                                                                              Salah  Mané
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Very Trumpian of you.

Oh and if you evaluate football on a public forum through posting, its fair to assume you will get responses. But you carry on.


Does that make him undroppable? Does that mean that as long as he is top scorer than he can’t have a dip in form? Do we have to wait for someone else to overtake him in the scoring tables in order to bench him?

We actually don’t have a viable alternative right now, which is why I said “who would replace him? Mini, Origi? No thanks.”.

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Yeah, I’m all for giving Shaqiri a start. But somehow he plays well coming off the bench.

Come on, don’t be silly.


Klopp has 7 more days to figure out the lineup but if Matip is fit he will probably go with that one, if not…Hate to see this speedy United forwards against Williams or Phillips and I don’t want to lose Henderson from midfield, will be a tough choice to make for the Gaffer if Matip is not ready.


Game of the season for us (at least until the next crucial one). Win to stop them getting away, and a major psychological impact that a draw won’t achieve.

Back four hopefully with Matip, would make such a difference in everything, not just defense.
Midfield of Thiago, Wijnaldum, Henderson.
Front three with scoring boots on.
Shaq to be standby and come at 60-65 to impact the game.

Come on you reds!