Pre-match: Liverpool v Nottingham Forest, Saturday 22nd April, 15:00

If we turn up, we’ll twat them. If we don’t, we’ll lose.

The end.


Strong OP.

Aren’t you that guy who used to write match reviews?

I used to believe in the tooth fairy, too.


I hear ya…

Back before The Rock sold out

As I said last week you’ve covered it.

We know how well we can play, if we do at home no issues. If we don’t it’s another false dawn.

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Smash them like we did tonight, they are shit. :grinning::grinning:

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3-0 no messing about, full of confidence!


Properly twat them. We owe them one.


Our false dawn rooster be like
stuck rooster GIF


Ibou Virgil Robbo

Trent Milner


Salah Nunez Diaz


You think we going to win?

shocked the princess bride GIF

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I think we can win but 9 players?

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Wtf. On my laptop I saw Ali and Gakpo and on phone …vanished? Hmm :thinking: This aligning center stuff harder than it looks :grimacing:

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I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


If we can repeat last night,sorry Forest!But as we have seen too often this season consistency eludes us.
Time to get it right and top 4 is a chance, if not…Europa!


I love Thiago, fantastic footballer…
But its essential to start Curtis on every occasion at the moment.
Despite the misgivings of some, he was very good (again) last night. Very good.
If he was producing that form for Brighton or Dortmund we would be linked with him.

Thiago at 6. Curtis and Hendo.
Up front its any 3 of the 6.

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Oh my word! This is the quickest pre-match thread start since TAN began. Is there a spring in our step amongst us?:smiley:


Forest at Anfield, on a Saturday afternoon, 3pm kickoff. Is this the 1980s again?

I’ll just have to go to Woolworths and C&A in the morning and catch up with the scores on Teletext.


Revenge, and hopefully we don’t hear their sick chanting.

Put them to the sword lads.

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