Pre Match: Liverpool v. Tottenham Hotspur, 1945 BST (UTC +1), Saturday 07 May 2022 (Premier League)

I can see Klopp playing Tsimikas in this, I can also see Klopp going for Gomez against Villa or Soton or both.


I think it will be a tough game as they are fighting hard for top four and Kane and Son are in form. Still, I think we will have too much for them.

Matip v Konate is a real choice
Robbo v Tsimikas might be considered, as Robbo looked a bit off his best in Spain
Trent v Gomez might be considered, as Trent can’t do it all and Joe is growing into that role
Diaz v Jota looks like the former is edging into the first team

As for midfield I’m not so sure there either. Maybe Hendo starts this one after starting on the bench in Spain.

Anyway, we have great depth and a real case can be made either/or in a few positions, which is keeping us fresh enough to fight on four fronts this deep into the season.



Can you see into the future??

I am the future :rofl:

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Is this the first PL match this season being played Saturday night?

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One of the reasons I love Klopp. We have.

From memory, this will be our first this season, but there have been some others but I think that 7pm games have been more for the Championship games this season


Oh well, back to the day job. I’m assuming that the rotation will be on the basis of fitness on the Friday with this. There were a few tired performances last night. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Matip back and starting with Henderson over, possibly, Keita for this.


Yes. Definitely Hendo, Matip, and hopefully Tsimikas in for this one.


After last night, I can understand people wanting to see Hendo and Tsimikas coming in for the Spurs game, but don’t see why Konate or Virgil need to be dropped (unless Klopp feels Matip offers more tactically against Kane and Son)

This is the most difficult match of the run in. We’ve had nail biters against them at Anfield recently and Conte isn’t going to make things any easier.

Better make sure that we are on top of our game.



And how do I get off this planet??

Asking for a friend.

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Ask the dolphins.


Musk and Bezos already have that in hand.

You though, didn’t meet their criteria so sorry to say, but you’re stuck with me :rofl:

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haha @SBYM


This I think will be the key decision.

Conte is only playing one game a week, and the CL qual is in their sights. He’ll be drilling Spuds to get Son in behind Trent. Harry “not that type of player” Kane will be feeding him and probably Kulusevski on the right.

If Matip is recalled to the team, then Henderson needs a good shift to support Trent/Matip down that side. But Trent is Trent, so I except him to start, with Tsimi coming in for Andy (I was thinking that switch would’ve happened in last night’s game, but Andy started, but Tsimi made a rare appearance from the bench.

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Spurs are a strange team. I feel no rivalry towards them but i do fucking hate them.

Cunte will set them up in a cunty 6-4-0 formation and Harry Cunt will do some snide bullshit that he doesnt get punished for because “ENGERLAND”, as will Hueng Son Cunt wholl get away with it because he looks on the verge of tears and “hes not that sort of player” even though he does it all the time.

VAR owes us a red card and a pen against this lot from earlier in the season (we would be first if theyd done their job).


Minutes by our core players since April (NOT in chronological order)

Robertson: 90, XX, 90, 79, 90, 90, 90, 90, 90, 90
van Dijk: 90, XX, 90, 90, 90, 90, 90, 90, 90, 90
Matip: XX, 90, XX, XX, 90, 90, 90, 90, 90, XX
Trent: 89, XX, 81, 90, XX, 90, 90, 90, XX, 90
Fabinho: 90, 32, 90, 84, 28, 90, 86, 90, 21, 90
Henderson: 29, 58, 72, 11, 90, 78, 90, 08, 69, 17
Thiago: 61, 32, 90, 79, 90, 90, 80, 90, 12, 87
Keïta: 89, 90, 18, 79, XX, 12, 10, 60, 90, 73
Salah: 61, 33, 90, 90, 69, 90, 90, 90, 21, 90
Mané: 61, 24, 72, 90, 21, 84, 90, 60, 69, 85
Díaz: 90, 66, 81, 45, XX, 20, 70, 30, 90, 85
Jota: 29, 57, 18, 45, 90, 70, 20, 82, 90, 05

Klopp has masterfully rotated the squad and only Robertson & VVD have been used extensively. I guess VVD has to play the remaining six games of the season, but surely Robertson can be rested against Spurs. Thiago too has played a lot in the last eight games and should be afforded a rest. Jota hasn’t played much or played well but I want him to start along with Salah and Díaz.


It’s only Weds but I’d probably go


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This game is one where we have to play our best 11. After that we can rotate somewhat in the remaining three PL games, but Spurs will be a tough opponent.