Pre Match | Liverpool vs. Arsenal | EFL Cup 4th Round | Thursday October 1st 19:45h | Anfield

By popular demand…
We get the chance to beat Arsenal again this week.

Plenty of options in attack. Not sure how to put out a lineup with Jota, Origi, Minamino, Shaqiri, (Elliott) and Jones.

Not looking so good at the back and defensive midfield with yesterdays absentees Matip, Tsimikas, Henderson and Thiago.

Williams Gomez VvD Milner
Keita Grujic Jones
Minamino Origi Jota

We can easily rest the Front3 but its difficult to leave out all of Gomez, VvD, Fabinho, Keita and Wijnaldum - maybe Klopp finds a way to play each of them 45 minutes.



I’m assuming that Arsenal will not be playing their full first XI either but they will likely be stronger than the team Lincoln put out.

I’d like to see us use a similar tactic in that we use a first choice CB each half to give the defence structure. Start with VVD and then go with Gomez for the second half.

There should be places for a couple of the younger lads but I don’t see this as an outing for journeymen at all.

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The 1 change I’d make to the propposed starting XI is having Tsimikas at LB instead of Milner.

Maybe only play 1 of VVD and Gomez with the other on the bench to give each 45 mintues but I’m generally not a fan of having preplanned substitutions as you never know what will pan out during the game

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Tsimikas wasn’t in the squad yesterday. Not sure why.

Adrian, Williams, Phillips, Gomez, Simi, Milner, Jones, Shaqiri, Jota, Minamino, Origi.


I think it will be this


Williams ??? ??? Tsimikas

Milner Jones

Shaqiri Minamino Jota


No idea what we do at centre back. I’d rather not see Van Dijk, but imagine we might get Gomez for at least 45

Anyway red to win by one goal and set up a predictable match against Everton or Chelsea, while City get Kidderminster.


Koumetio might start? Then possibly Gomez alongside him. Maybe Joe 45 minutes and then Fabinho comes on at CB in the second half. Henderson back in midfield. Probably Jones and Millie alongside him. Shaqiri, Jota and Minamino up top.

I’d pick the same team as you, and agree that VvD shouldn’t be in the squad. He should be at home putting his feet up. He’s made of granite, but has played with no rest mentally.

With Matip being Matip, and Joe being unlucky with injuries, can’t see the utility in playing VvD. The rest of the fringe first team squad are of sufficient quality to cause the Arse problems.

Plus give the young kids a centre back test, maybe alongside Gomex ion the first half. Otherwise, we’re only an injury away from having to play Fab and Gini as a central defence pairing.

Because Milner provided ample cover for both midfield and LB. Having two specialist full backs on your bench isn’t always the smartest idea.

Expect him to start, and then probably one or VVD or Gomez; or both doing a half each.

@Mascot has the front 6 set out that I would go with.


Arsenal are always better when there’s not much to play for so we should expect a better performance by them,we’ll still beat them.


“I would go with whatever team and strategy Klopp picks” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Anyone know when the draw for the fifth round will be done? Would be nice to know the possible opponent before kickoff.

Neco VVD Williams Tsimikas
Milner Grujic Jones
Shaq Origi Jota

Gosh how i would love us to add another CB, just 1.

Edit Shaq Mina Jota

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No Minamino?

Fuck hahaha, totally slipped my mind

That’s a solid mid table team. You don’t realise how good our starting 11 is, until you see the backups.

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Exactly, how 3 perfectly well thought out signings can make a huge difference in a squad is shown for all to see.

I CB i would still desire, but Klopp seems happy with his options, so i am not too bothered, but 3 CB is a little risky.

Smash them (again). They’re (still) shit.


Couldn’t have said it better myself…

Or spelt it better :laughing:

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