Pre Match | Liverpool vs Atalanta | CL Matchday 4 | Wednesday November 25th 20:00h | Anfield

Want us to make some changes / rest players but a win and the chance to rest the whole first team for the other two group games is very tempting.

Neco Phillips Fabinho Tsimikas
Jones Wijnaldum Milner
Salah Minamino Jota



Get origi a match in place of Jota , our luck for injuries is gonna cream us up.

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I think Gini could do with a rest, also Phillips not registered for this game.


Here’s to 3 days of stressing about who’ll be fit and what sort of team we can put out.


Smash them. They’re shit.


Should have known this about Phillips. Then Rhys, Sepp or Billy to start.


At this point it seems no Trent, no Hendo, no Shaq, no Naby.

Hoping that Thiago and Ox can come on from the bench.

Wonder who is 5th choice captain behind Milner and Gini? Longest serving would be Bobby and then Matip, right?


Neco W. Rhys W. (if fit) Matip (45 mins) Kostas

Shaq (if fit) Hendo (if fit for 45) Curtis

Salah Minamino Origi

Definite substitutions:-

Thiago (if fit 2nd half for Hendo)
Fabinho (2nd half for Matip)

Optional subs:



Ox is nowhere near ready.

Gone very quiet on Hendo, hope it’s not going to be one of those that drags on for weeks.

Shaq is very disappointing.

We really need to use the 5 subs to it’s maximum advantage. Hopefully Rhys can play the full game and give Matip amd Fabinho 45 minutes each. Yesterday’s game was little more than a training session for the defence so no worries there.
Neco and Tsimikas can play the full 90 as can Origi, Minamino and Salah if available.

Gini, Milner, Robbo and Mane need to be rested but half an hour wont kill them. Will be a very interesting line up.


Has Mo now tested negative? So the strategy has been to keep getting tests until one says negative? Seems a bit bonkers to me.

Anyway, presuming he is available…


Neco Rhys Fabinho Tsimikas

Milner Jones

Salah Minamino Jota


Matip can’t do two games a week, not yet anyway. Robertson and Gini must be in the red. Milner and Jones are the last midfielders standing.

Going to need Milner at Brighton. He’s fucking unreal but 3 games in less than 6 days is too much even for him. Hopefully Hendo and Tiago can get on at some point. We really, really need to rotate in the middle.
This isn’t must win so no chances should be taken whatsoever.


Please not Origi! I think we should put out a strong side so that CL is put to bed and we can play kids in the last two games.


Don’t think there would be any wholesome changes, Klopp does that only for Cup games. There would be three or four changes depending on the fitness level of the players.


We should be feeling cocky after beating these 5:0 on their own patch and turning over Leicester yesterday but I’d settle for a no-frills win on this. We will have to rotate our players with the 5 subs rule and we really don’t want any more injuries at the moment. If we win this, we have qualified - that would leave two games that we can look at resting players and given others experience.

Given that we have made something of a song and dance about qualification in recent seasons do you thing we can manage not to bollocks this up?


I don’t expect us to destroy them again, it’ll be a tough game, but we are through this group with a win and could rotate a little more for the other two matches so I’d go as full strength as possible for this one.


We can afford to drop some points so I would rest Matip, Robertson, Wijnaldum and Mané.

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I expect the usual Klopp rotation when it’s a hectic schedule without a “must win” game.

In those situations he changes about half a team, but smartly balanced out from defence to attack and not too many changes in one area of the pitch.

I do agree that even after beating them comfortably last time, we can’t underestimate them. They’re still an unsual side that can score a few before you know it.

Hopefully we can win this group soon and buy ourselves a bit of time for that final group game when we can change the whole team.

Anyone reckon we could see a debut from either Clarkson or Cain. Both lads been on the bench a good bit now and both playing well for the 23s in the last year or two?? Especially if we need to be rotating our midfield, surely these lads or even just the one wouldn’t let us down too much.

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Yep, I expect both to play if Henderson and Thiago don’t make the squad. Clarkson might start as the 6.

Can’t expect Milner and Wijnaldum to play another 90 minutes and then be ready for Brighton too.

They just drew 0-0 to a team called Spezia,so yeah this could be tricky.