Pre-Match | Liverpool vs Brighton H&A | PL matchday 22 | Wednesday February 3rd 20:15h | Anfield

On to the next one.

First game of our ‘Reparation Tour’ for the second half of the season.

Most of us don’t want Brighton to go down but we simply can not allow them to get points against us again.

After West Ham Klopp said ‚my mood is constantly concerned about injuries. We try to save everybody’

So there will be changes again.

Trent Nat Hendo Robbo
Ox Gini Jones
Salah Firmino Minamino

Not going to be that Starting11 but I think it would be too much for Brighton if we can bring on Thiago, Shaq and Mané.

Keep in mind that we play City after this one but first things first.



Just watched their game, and Brighton have some moves.

Too bad for them they’re about to get twatted off the park without too much trouble.



Brighton have had three league clean sheets in a row and they only lost 1-0 at the Emptihad before that, so it won’t be easy.

3-0 to the Tricky Reds. Davies hat trick on debut.


Brighton will be more difficult that the West ham game. They are better than what the standings show. We should play our best players (whose ever not injured)and not look past them.
Hopefully Mane’s back.


Much tougher than either spurs or hammers. They play some very good football but lack the end product. Hopefully Mane is back and we play Bobby and Mo with him up top.same back 5, Keita was supposed to be very close to being fit for today so maybe make the bench for this.

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They’ve ditched Matty Ryan, so lets fuck 'em up

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Don’t think they’re capable of parking the bus like a Burnley or West Brom so we should have more space to play in around their box.
Probably going to be Hendo/Phillips at CB again, Gini, Tiago and Jones in the middle and Bobby, Mo, Shaq up top. Hopefully get through this and have Fabinho, Mane and maybe even Matip back for the weekend.
Any win will do.


Smash them, they’re shit.

They’re actually not that shit, they’ve been desperately unlucky all season long.

Still smash them though. The cunts.


Too frail to boss the game. I would want some muscle, Milner instead of AOC. And maybe Shaqiri instead of Takumi in the attack.

Time for your much awaited (and long overdue) hat trick then, @GermanRed

Brighton are really difficult, but we only need to look at our game I think. If we play our best stuff, we should win. Adding another win is so important on our way to facing City, Leicester and Leipzig.
Hopefully Mane is back for this (although maybe it would make sense to save him for City, keeping him on the bench just in case we need him).


Kevin Friend. Another crime-scene regular. Marvellous.


I see loads of posts saying Brighton will be harder than West Ham etc. (based on what?)
In the West Ham thread there loads of posts saying, West Ham will be harder than Tottenham.
In the Tottenham thread there were loads of posts saying… You get the picture.
If we are on our game we will beat anyone.
If we are on our game, it doesn’t matter who the other team are.


Based on the game last night, probably. Brighton played Tottenham off the park and were particularly good in midfield.

They were really tricky in the previous two games at Anfield as well.

Still expect us to beat them.


They played well but the result depends on us really. If we play our game it’ll be a win for tricky Reds.
Lots if opinions flip flop from one game to the next.
I just think a lot of people are frustrated coaches. When in reality no one (including me) knows the instructions Klopp sends the players out with.

Take yesterday’s game. Lots of moaning that we were slow, pedestrian. It looked to me the Instructions were, keep the ball, move them around, tire them out, don’t take risks. In fact Neville was complaining we had no runners from midfield. Then 2nd half he was praising our runners from midfield. Hmm, did these world class players need a team talk from Klopp to remind them or is it more likely to be the game plan going into the game?


All great posts. No time to read, gave you all an A. Good lads, eat your vegetables.


Bad or worse than West Ham and Spurs - I don’t care. We need to beat all the ‘small’ teams we dropped points against in the first half of the season.


We owe this lot a hiding. With Welbeck’s Olympic quality (and grotesquely dishonest) dive in the final seconds of the last match which saw us flat out robbed of points.


You cant score 0.667 of a goal.


5 goals and 4 assists in 7 games for Salah against Brighton (not including the ‘offside’ goal in November). If he’s on the pitch I’m confident of another 3 points.

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We need to win this and then we need to DICK those cheating manc cunts at the weekend.

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