Pre-Match | Liverpool vs. Chelsea | PL Matchday 27 (29) | Thursday March 4th 20:15h | Anfield Road

Difficult game. They are unbeaten since Tuchel came in (9 games). We haven’t won at home in 6!!!

This game is a 6 pointer so a loss would hurt so much.


  • we’ve won the last 4 against them in the league.

  • no new injuries. Keita and Milner are back. Alisson, Fabinho and Jota should also be back for this one.

Think Klopp will partner Kabak and Fabinho (even if he is not at 100%) for this one.

Only other question will be who starts with Thiago and Gini in midfield - Curtis, Milner or Keita. I have no idea really.

TAA Kabak Fabinho Robertson
Thiago Gini Milner
Salah Firmino Mané



That’s my team as well, although I wouldn’t mind seeing Keita. He looked sharp in his cameo tonight, and might as well use him before the inevitable.

People will call on Klopp to start Fab in midfield, but I do not want Chelsea’s pacy lads running at Nat Phillips.


Is it just me or forum traffic has dropped a lot???

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Well this thread was created around midnight UK time and it’s 6 in the morning there now. Some people do sleep occasionally!


I’d say rotate…Alission Fab Keith and Jota all in YNWA


Jürgen Klopp expects to have Fabinho and Alisson Becker available for Thursday’s Anfield encounter with Chelsea, while he is also hopeful on Diogo Jota’s chances of returning.

Well we could do worse with the referee, VAR is shite though.

Referee: Craig Pawson. Assistants: Stuart Burt, Simon Bennett. Fourth official: Anthony Taylor. VAR: Paul Tierney.


OK, I know who you mean but I’m really trying to remember a footballer called “Keith” now. Keith Burkinshaw maybe?

Keith Gillespie?

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I meant overall traffic. Seems we have fewer posts in recent weeks. Just curious.


Shedding plastic, possibly? I suppose one thing is that the forum is no longer attached to a website or blog as TIA was so there will be a limited source of new traffic. Maybe there is scope for an associated blog with the some of the more popular and literary posts? (or does such a thing exist and I’ve missed it?)

My line up would be–Alison, Trent, Kabak, Fabinho, Robbo- Thiago, Millie, Curtis- Mo, Diogo, Sadio…
Tough to leave Gini out but something has to give and I think we might need Millie´s competitive spirit in there. That leaves us with a decent bench with Firmino , Gini, Keita ,Ox and Tsimikas.
A win here would be a real sign that we are on our way back.

Firmino will score a hat trick against the dirty fucking chavs, looking forward to seeing the squeaky voiced dipstick Werner.


Aside from replacing one of the lampposts at the back, Klopp will, fitness permitting :roll_eyes:, field the same side against Chelsea.

As must win as it gets.

Chelsea are dangerous, and buoyed by their new gaffer.

Not going to lie, I’m worried about this one. They have pace and trickery going forward, and we have a very soft underbelly.

Line ups wise, if Fab is fit, he probably starts over Phillips, although I would love to see Klopp stick Fab in at No.6 and let him protect the CBs. Don’t see Jota being started, but brought on later in the match.

I’m not even going to stick a prediction down, as its not one I have the heart to type out!


This will be a tough game but I like our chances here. Their style of play suits us better than the
Bus parking teams. It looks like Fabinho will be back and hopefully Jota on the bench.
Also Keita was impressive when he came on late against united. Win this and top 4th will be
within our reach.

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Its important to win here and against Fulham too as West Ham does not play until we play Fulham and winning both games will bring us 4 points ahead of them in 4th place. Crucial psychological wins.


I’ll be a bit miffed if Milner starts and Jones, Keita and Jota are on the bench. He played well and was widely praised for his second half performance against Tottenham but generally we’ve looked better with him off the pitch in the other games he’s played recently. We need to offer more of a threat in the midfield than the Milner-Thiago-Gini 3 gives us.

Fab back in the back four for me, Thiago and Gini forming a 2 again in midfield. Let the front four cause havoc and allow Robbo to run up and down the line all game.

Tough game but a win here would put our season back on track, and I don’t think it’d be another false dawn like after West Ham/Tottenham.


No chance Klopp starts Keita in a game like this with 10 minutes of football in the last couple of months.

I think Millie has more chance than him. But wouldn’t surprise me if he keeps Jones. Jota if he’s available can provide a forward backup option or even go 4-2-3-1, depending how the game goes.

Definitely need Fabinho back at CB. He’ll probably go back to LCB (because since United in the league, he was shifted to RCB in a partnership with Hendo, who in my opinion did even better than Fabinho at CB overall). Kabak probably at RCB. I expect Chelsea to put Werner in that channel again and try their chances. Even if Trent is tucking in a lot lately. Werner is far from a world beater, but with our line at the moment, Chelsea would be daft not to start him exactly where we are weakest at the moment.

Alisson for Adrian and Fabinho for Nat. A proper test this one. Great to have a couple of better options on the bench.