Pre Match | Liverpool vs Chelsea | Wednesday January 31st 20:15

Massive game under the Anfield lights.

Bradley Konate VvD Gomez
Elliott MacAllister Jones
Nunez Jota Diaz

Subs: TAA, Robbo, Szoboszlai, Gakpo, Gravenberch

I believe Chelsea have many players out with injury.



Let’s fucking massacre the tiny life these plastics have left in them.

Ali Bradley Konate Virgil Robbo Mac Szobo Jones Diaz Nunez Jota

Not sure about their injuries, think only James and Lavia out whilst Jackson is still away. Maybe Cucurella too but that’s more a blow for us.


I’d have a few more subs if I was you

As fantastic as Bradley has been, Trent starts this one and gets at least 60.

Ali, Trent, Konate, Virgil, Gomez, Macca, Jones, Elliot, Diaz, Nunez, Jota.

Maybe Szoboz instead of Elliot, but given Elliot didnt get on, assume he plays. Hopefully Macca is fine.

If Macca is out what’s peoples thoughts.

I’d personally go Bradley at right back and Trent in that 6 role.

I assume Elliott plays whether that’s for Dom or Dom plays further forward who knows.

I’d go

Bradley- Konate-VVD- Gomez
Maca - Jones - Dom Sz
Nunez - Diaz - Elliott

Assume Elliott plays though I would go Jota.

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Nah, definitely no Elliott for me from the start, didn’t like him in his last game.

I also think Jota deserves to keep his starting place now, regardless on which side (more needed on the sides now while Mo is still missing).

We’ll see if there’s enough in the likes of Trent, Robbo, Mac and Szobo to start. All of them might be difficult, they might need more days.

Way too early to know all the details, don’t know why we even rush with these next game threads anyway. We’ll know more from Klopp’s presser.


True, I only put Elliott in because you’d have expected him instead of Diaz but we didn’t.

Unless there is something we don’t know about his fitness.

Klopp’s just said Macca should be fine for Wednesday


A successful January so far – winning over two legs in the Carabao semi, negotiating a 4th round FA cup tie, and two Prem wins over Newcastle and Bournemouth, all while injuries piling up.

Now going into the final January game against the Mercenaries. They’ve started to pick up some wins, and finally seem more settled. We struggled in the opening game against them, so need to be up for this game.

We’re all hoping for two wins over Chelsea and Arses, but 4 points would be fine. Players coming back from injury, so a strong bench should be possible. Won’t be surprised if both games are level at 60 mins, so subs will be crucial again.

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Is this a Home or Away match?

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Home. The Arsenal game is away.

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So ideally, it is good for us then.

Liverpool v Chelsea: Liverpool at home.
Chelsea v Liverpool: Liverpool away.

It’s been like that since football began.


I can’t remember when we last played Chelsea whether it was home or away. My memory is abit fuzzy. The games are coming in thick and fast.

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First game of the season, away at the Bridge.

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I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


Never mind him, he’s gitsplaining


We all know the reasons but we’re still without a win against the ‘traditional’ Top6 this season.

Chelsea are shit but they can still be dangerous and then there’s also the Tierney factor.

We did beat Arsenal in the cup.


Block 207 KOP…

Looking forward to it but I am dreading it at the same time. I hate the plastics - their fans are the worst. I hope they get done for cheating too.

Just need to take a deep breath and give my all - it’ll be my first match since Jurgen’s bombshell. Im numb.