Pre Match | Liverpool vs Chelsea | Wednesday January 31st 20:15

Aka rude

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At least you are the furthest away from them.

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Very true. Hopefully won’t hear their shite either.

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Bradley needs a rest - he won’t start.


Simple as

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Lots more options with the lads returning. Should have our strongest team apart from Mo.
Hope we smash them and make Caicedo regret his money grabbing.


What will the tosser say to Klopp, I will miss you … I’m pretty sure Klopp will not miss the tosser.

Referee: Paul Tierney (pictured). Assistants: James Mainwaring, Scott Ledger. Fourth official: Andy Madley. VAR : John Brooks. Assistant VAR: Sian Massey-Ellis.

Hopefully not a 1-1 this time, that was so disappointing at the start of the season!

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Aye another handball not given by VAR Darren England at that game. That certainly didn’t help, although we had the better chances until then anyway. Taylor wasn’t even called to check it.
For those interested. Around the 8th minute mark.

Chelsea are having an awful season given all the money they spent. On that basis we should smash them, but they always raise their game against us. I feel it will be a close one, but hopefully we do enough to get the three points.

Man City are coming up on the rails and are well poised to take the lead in the Prem. I really want to keep them at bay.

The match going fans had an emotional reaction to Jurgen’s news and the cup game against Norwich felt a bit flat, but then again, we won it at a canter so it’s hard to be completely up for it as it played out like a training game.

It’s now down to proper business in the Prem, against a tough opponent.

Three pts please you red men, however they come. And no injuries.

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In the league, maybe, but just as we won vs Arsenal in the cup game, where they fielded pretty much their starters, means we can do it in the league as well.

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Very interesting variant… let’s see if this one works, although I’d go for something tested…

At least the assistant VAR is a young lady - Sian Massey. For sure she won’t be part of the “good ol’ boys” club.

I bet she’s bald and goes by matey!

Already done:

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@JU97ICE For a moment I put myself in their shoes and in an instant “judge me after ten games” was ringing in the back of my head. :face_in_clouds: I am not well since Friday. :crazy_face:

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We have 7 consecutive draws against Chelsea, in regular time at least.

And without a win in the last 8.

There’s been 9 goals in total in those last 8 ecounters.


Something has to give

Since 1992 then.

Just a little note that Senegal was knocked out last night so sorry Nic Jackson may be back. Not that I rate him, but he could be in contention.

Btw who takes our pens while Mo is away? (Asking for my fantasy team :sunglasses:)

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