Pre-match: Liverpool vs Everton | Saturday 21st October, 12:30

“Our path is beset on all sides by the inequities of VAR and the tyranny of the bitter. Blessed is he who, in the name of Liverpool and Anfield, shepherds the weak through the valley of the storm, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost supporters. And we will strike down upon thee with great assists and furious goals upon those who attempt to poison and destroy My brothers. And you will know I am Liverpool when I lay My vengeance upon you” - Jules Winnfield


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TAA Konate VvD Tsimikas
Szoboszlai Endo Mac Allister
Salah Nunez Jota

Robbo injured?

Definitely wouldn’t start Alexis as the #6.

Doubt Cody will make it.

Feel like we should bring on Lucho from bench. Together with Harvey and Gravenberch it should be enough to finish them off.


Can’t see Macca starting if he’s been travelling with Argentina.

They play Peru on Weds.

Bosz Endo Gravy.


We’ll be lucky to field 5 first-choice players.

Robbo has a dislocated shoulder apparently.

McAllister, Nunez and Diaz all play in SA in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Curtis Jones banned after being sent off by corrupt officials.

Even Endo could struggle given he’s playing in fucking Japan on Tuesday with a fucking 12 hour flight afterwards.

Gakpo may or may not be fit.

And Woop-de-fucking-do, there’s still plenty of games for our lads to get injured in over the next 5 days!

Genuinely, with bent referees and this international shite what’s the fucking point?



But other than that all good.

Way I see it Diaz and Nunez are options off the bench the major issues are Maca, Gakpo and now Robbo.

If Gakpo is fit then the forward line is Jota, Gakpo and Salah.

The issues really for us now currently is Gakpo’s fitness and Robbo’s situation the strikers can start and be rotated out or bench and rotate in that doesn’t worry me.

The other issue is Maca but on the flip side there were circumstances he should be better for this time out.

How much time do they add on for goals?

As much as a bald, blind man can, 15 minutes?

Holy shit, just calculated it, that over a 6 hr game.

American football or what!

EDIT: luckily against Everton we’ll only need 5 seconds more per goal! :smiley:

We could be struggling for a front three but would Salah, Jota and Elliott in some formation work? Problem is, I could only see Elliott working on the right wing and that would mean moving Salah central. Too much playing out of position?

@Flobs - You might have to settle for 33 - 0…
You forgot to calculate in the time wasting by T Rex :0)

Definitely out of the Derby. Really hope no big tissue tears

Robertson and Jones are definitely out. Gapko in all likelihood as well. Mac Allister, Diaz, Nunez and Endo will be coming off games played less than 48 hours before, half a world away. Noon kickoff.

Perfect way to prepare for the leg-breaking bitters.




“Smash them, they’re shit…”


Some Academy Lad - Some Academy Lad - Some Academy Lad - Tsimikas
Some Academy Lad - Some Academy Lad - Some Academy Lad
Salah - Some Academy Lad - Some Academy Lad

3-0 to us.


We will. And might still lose

because of PGMO-fucking-L

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