Pre match | Liverpool vs. Fulham | PL matchday 27 | Sunday March 7th 14:00h | Anfield

@Iftikhar is taking too long and if we miss out on CL it’s better to also not be in the EL - let’s get the job done.

TAA Fabinho Kabak Robertson
Wijnaldum Milner Keita
Salah Jota Mané



Is start Jones instead of Gini if we are going play a 4-3-3.

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I’d be tempted to have Jones as a false 9 and Salah and Jota as the other front two. I thought the entire team looked knackered last night but Mane in particular looked like he needed a rest.

If Philips is fit I think he and Kabak at the back with Fabinho as DM would be far more effective.

I still found the substitutions to be a bit odd last night. I can only think that Klopp was thinking of managing time for some of the players.

We are going to have to play with what we have. I thought the teams that played Spurs and West Ham worked well which ended up being a sort of 4-3-1-2 formation. Realistically, our next few games are winnable and we then have the international break which may give some players a bit of rest. There is Leipzig as well but we only need a draw for that.

Wijnaldum and Milner in Midfield? No thank you.


Thiago Milner Keïta

Salah Jota Mané

We need combination-football and not high balls. Fulham will probably field some giants in the back. Clever little true-passes is what we need.

Oh FFS Friend is the referee. :rage:


I know that most of our defenders are injured but playing without any is a bit extreme, isn’t it?


Boewhahahahahahahaha, oke

TAA Phillips Fabinho Robertson

I play Phillips if fit because he seems to be a better header than Kabak.


In the League we have nothing to lose now. We are playing fucking Fulham now. Play two CBs at the back and Fabinho as the #6.


Hmmm … let’s try something else maybe?


Trent Fab Kabak Robbo


Jones Keita


Salah Jota

But most probably, Klopp will go with the same more or less, with maybe Keita and Milner coming in for Gini and Thiago. Not sure that Jota can start a game already.

Very concerned for Fabinho’s health, but there is no other choice than to play him again, is there?


Kabak is a huge doubt for Fulham.

It’s got to the point now that when I just realised this game is at Anfield I was disappointed. Guess Fulham are the kind of team you want to face at home when you are on a bad run of form and really need to get some goals and a win to try and stop the rot.

I’d really like to see Fab in at No.6. I don’t care what the CB pairing will be - Kabak and any actual CB will do me nicely.

Kabak is an injury doubt for Fulham according to Klopp

Why is that?

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Nat and Ben should be ready according to Klopp.

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No clue. Just seen it quoted on Twitter.

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After the press conference I have the feeling that Klopp might start Davies.

The CB we bought from Championship.

Some posters called Nat Phillips championship level CB over the last few months.

And we are playing almost a Championship side in Fulham.

Come on Klopp - start Nat and Ben at the back and Fabinho in midfield.

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“If it wasn’t for real bad luck, we wouldn’t have no luck at all”.


Because he’s a CB at Liverpool.


I just can’t believe this anymore…All I can do is sit here and…

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We’ve used 8 players as CB this season. 7 of them have now suffered one form of injury or another. 3 of them had season-enders and 2 have missed significant time.

Another player who was bought specifically as a CB hasn’t even had the chance to get injured while playing. Training was enough for him.

Sole survivor so far: Rhys Williams.