Pre-Match: Liverpool vs Inter Milan (Anfield under Lights in the CL), 08th March, 20h00 GMT

Well, we all know the story. A highly professional performance against the blue half of the groundsharing Milanese saw us bag a two goal cushion ahead of our home tie. Away goals don’t count anymore, again as we all know, so any draw or loss by a single goal sees us through and any loss by two goals sees extra time. Unlikely, but keep a change of drawers and the defibrillator handy just in case.

In team news, Thiago and Matip should be fit for consideration for this game so barring Firmino we could very well have a full strength squad to choose from which after the gnashing and wailing of last week is scarcely to be believed while Inter will still be without Nicola Barella.

It used to be that the team picks itself, even with a full squad but right now, the midfield and front three are interchangeable. I think Diogo to ease out Diaz and Thiago in for Keita but that’s about it and purely rotational as Diaz and Keita are fully deserving of starting. I fancy a professional performance and our continuing quest for glory to be extended into the next round.

And… off you go lads. Be nice.


Trust Klopp to pick the right team based on form, fitness and any need to rotate and rest players and giving match time to those not having played recently


Are you Commando in disguise?


You win £5.

Although it’s £10 entry fee payable to me :wink:

Little bit of rotation, mindful of the fact that this is in no way done yet.

Trent Konate Van Dijk Tsimikas
Elliot Keita
Salah Jota Diaz


Early goal would be great, i think the same starting 11 as yesterday if everyone is OK.

Don’t think we have to go full strength here, so anyone with any niggles or who is deemed to need a rest can perhaps make way for a squad player.

I’d still go for a strong defence, but up front and in midfield I won’t be unduly worried if we start with Divock and/or Taki involved.

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Personally I think that’s being a bit mean on them. Do we not have a second team to give them a chance? Ah….

Nice to be classed as one of the lads…some other females might take offence…but life’s life…get on with it…and COYR…cheers m’dears…


Lost against Milan
Won against Roma
Drew with Napoli
Lost against Liverpool
Lost against Sassuolo
Drew with Genoa
Drew with Milan
Won against Salernitana

While it’s true that they have faced mostly strong opponents, their form since February isn’t very stellar. I think they will heap pressure on us to get a breakthrough within the first 15-20 mins.


kill the tie in the first half and then ring in the changes.

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I think we should be fine and we have a cushion. I’m not sure they will come to Anfield in the same way they approach the away game.

Their away form is trailing their home form but not to a chasmistic level.

I do watch a fair bit of Serie A but I don’t seem to catch this lot to be honest. I guess we will see but the 2-0 lead comforts me and away goals if it was in play doesn’t much matter anyhow, if we were to concede 2 then it the fact it doesn’t exist makes it even better.

In fairness to WAH, I think he/she/they meant the players.

As to the match, it’s not one to take lightly. If they get an early goal it could be a tough game.

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No digs…no offence taken…just nice to be included as one of the lads on TAN …when WAH wrote…be nice…thought he meant no bickering…sorry for the confusion…


It’d be cool if lads went the way of guys and became all embracing.

The thing about liverpool is that they almost always play just slightly better than the level of the opposition. I’d really want them to go to the porto slaying beast mode in Europe more and more


I’m curious to see Klopp’s approach on this one. A 2 goal start is comfortable but there is no way I would want to rely on sitting back for 90 minutes. I’m hoping that we start with our strongest XI for this. We have 5 subs to play with so if it’s going well after 60 minutes by all means rest players.

Inter have to go for this so there could be chances for us on the break. Who’s fastest up front? Think I’d go with Diaz-Mane-Salah up front again - at least to start with.


Diaz being the is the fastest and the better dribbler (w.r.t the ball carry’s) & Mane is very good at holding up the ball and not a slouch w.r.t the speed gun as well. And Salah well is Salah

The Top Speeds
Salah - 35kmph
Mane - 34.8kmph
Diaz - 35.6kmph


Diaz caught WHU a few times yesterday though I think we should consider Jota would make the odd changes but nothing that weakens us.

I’d let Thiago be ready if there are no further injuries we are strong still, I’d give Jones a start as I can’t see Keita starting two at short notice.

I would like to see Gomez here or Brighton to be honest

Think Matip and Jota come in, hopefully Thiago is fit enough for 20 minutes.