Pre Match | Liverpool vs Leipzig | CL Round of 16 2nd leg | Wednesday March 10th 20:00h | Puskas Arena

Think at least in this game we will get the job done. (Doesn’t mean we will win)

No idea about selection. Kabak and Firmino might come back. Jota and Keita might have to start on bench after their long injuries. Trent, Fabinho, Thiago and Mané will surely start.

TAA Kabak Fabinho Robertson
Ox Thiago Wijnaldum
Salah Firmino Mané

Put Ox in there because Klopp mentioned that he is training really well.

Like I said - not sure.

Hope we can restore some pride next week before the international break.



Firmino to snap out of his lethargy with a hat trick. 4-0 Reds.


Leave Wijnaldum out, sick and tired of seeing him turning and playing the ball backwards, put Jones in


Stranger things have happened, I suppose. As Greavsie used to say, “it’s a funny old game”.

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But I don’t think Klopp took him off because of his performance today. Probably pre planned to take him off after 60 minutes. He’ll surely start.

No Curtis Jones?

:man_shrugging:t4: I have no idea.

Just hoping we can get the job done.

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A different LFC will turn up this week from the one today…
Another 2-0… Salah + Jota to score

Do away goals count double again this away leg? :smiley: We need to score first to settle any nerves. At least we don’t have PL officials so everything is 50/50.


Glad the game is in Budapest, our home form this calendar year has been dreadful…


…and if we win we can claim that it was a home win.


It’s a home game and it’s not at Anfield so ws’ll
Probably win.

Or we might lose 3-0


I’d take going out if it meant several of our lads being given the last couple of months of the season off. That’s how grim it is and how important it will be to give some of them a decent rest because they’re not going to get one in the summer.
Let the squad players see out the season, finish bottom half to avoid EL and the new bullshit thing they’re bringing in, come back next season and wipe the fucking floor with everyone we come across.
Up the fucking Reds!!


We need to get a couple of wins in the league towards the end to give us something to build on for next season.

I wouldn’t bin the CL in a month of sundays, it’s the premier competition and it’s unlikely we will be in it next year unless we win it.

But even if we binned off every league game and concentrated on this, I wouldn’t be too bothered.


The last time we put all our eggs in one basket was 2016 and it backfired when we lost in Basel in the EL final. That turned out ok because when we got back in Europe 12 month later we reached 2 CL finals on the trot.
I’m hoping for something similar this time.

What is that exactly? I’ve not heard about this.

Some new competition apparently, not sure what the format is or qualification criteria.

The Europa Conference League, as I said if we qualify for that I’d deffo play our second string. Apparently though it goes to the league cup winners.

Wonder if that changes the day when the Europa league is played? Nah stays on Thursday, mind you if you top the group you go straight into the round of 16.


Ideally, I would like to see Wijnaldum dropped with Thiago dropping back and Kieta taking his place. Also, Firmino to be dropped and Robertson to be rested for fresh legs. Unfortunately, given the lineup and subs which occurred during the Fulham match, I do not see any of the above occurring.

Jones in, no Ox please.