Pre Match | Liverpool vs. Midtjylland | CL Matchday 2 | Tuesday October 27th 20:00h | Anfield

European night. Anfield lights. Unfortunately no fans.

This really has to be a win even if we make 3-5 changes - and tbh I hope we will rest some players.

Too many question marks over the availability of players (Matip, Tsimikas, Thiago, Keita and Origi).

Just hope that

  • we will be able to rest one of our fullbacks.
  • we will be able to rest Fabinho or Gomez.
  • will be able to rest at least one of Henderson / Wijnaldum.
  • will be able to rest two of our Front3.
Trent Matip Gomez Milner
Keita Thiago
Shaqiri Minamino Jota

Won’t happen though.



Home game against the weakest side in the group. An opportunity to rotate, but need the 3 points.

I’d expect that there will be at least 2-3 changes from the team that started v. SHU, and then the full 5 subs used to further rotate and rest as needed.

Think it would be another good opportunity to work on the 4-2-3-1.

Alisson starts in goal.

We have a good CB partnership going w/ Joe and Fabinho, and expect to see them start again as a pair, though if Matip is fit again, would expect he might come on for 30 minutes, especially if the game is in hand by then.

Ideally would like to see both FB get some rest, but we’re definitely not the same when one or the other doesn’t play. Of the two, Trent is off to the slower start, and could see dropping him for Neco in this game, while perhaps getting Robbo off in the 2nd half for Milner.

Would love to see Thiago and Hendo start together in midfield, with Gini or Curtis coming on as a sub.

Up front, Taki is due a start, and would also start Jota again, with Shaq on the left and Salah up front.

Some of our lads need a week off. Wouldn’t have Henderson, Gini, Trent or Robbo anywhere near it.

Of course a lot depends on certain players coming back, if Tiago, Keita and Matip are back that will make rotation a lot clearer. If Matip is still out I would genuinely turn him into glue.

If everyone is fit I’d go with Neco, Matip, Gomez and Milner at the back. Tiago, Keita and Jones in the middle with Shaqiri, Minamino and Divock up front. I know there’s not a cat in hell’s chance of that team starting but I’d risk it all the same, I think the schedule caught up with us last night with the Sheffield lads being quicker to everything.


Can’t help but see Midgetland when i look at our opponents name so i’m going 7-0,because that’s how many dwarfs there is,might put a tenner on it.


This is a bit nerdy maybe, but it is Jylland and Midt-Jylland means Middle Jylland. After the Romans withdrew from England, the Saxon chiefs Hengist and Horsa invaded (super short version), leading the Germanic tribes consisting of Angels, Frisians and Jutes.
The Jutes were from Jylland, it is where the name comes from. It is impossible, if you are English, that you do not have blood relations that can be directly traced down to these proto-vikings, since they crushed the Kelts and drove them into Wales, Cornwall and Scotland.

So you do have some ancestors that used to live on that island a thousand years ago +


Chuckles Maybe I am being a bore :smile:

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Give your head a wobble you heightist CUNT.

Lol jk fuck those short arse fucks

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According to LFChistory Liverpool have scored 9,999 goals; meaning that whoever scores our first tomorrow (assuming all goes to plan) will score our 10,000th goal. Don’t know who I want to get it.

That said, it should be a fun game tomorrow with a few players getting a well earned rest some others getting a chance to showcase their talent.

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Home game against the weakest team in the group means the squad can be shuffled around. But the can becomes must when you consider it’s first of the four games in 13 days.

A lot will depend on the fitness of the players on the eve of the game. Tsimikas, Matip and Thiago are the major absentees while Keita and Origi wasn’t in the matchday squad against Sheffield.

I think there will be one change each in defense, midfield and attack.

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11 midgets arriving from midgetland to take on the mighty Liverpool :smiley: . Hopefully we can rotate a few and still win comfortably, be good to see Minamino, Shaqiri, Origi, keita , Tsimikas and Matip get a game.


Just realised this is the Tuesday game. Why did we play at 8pm on Saturday when we play CL on Tuesday?

The ever helpful Premier League scheduling.


We played on wednesday just gone, gives us exactly 3 days between each game. Probably the best we could have hoped for.


There is too much football


I had to google where Midtylland was and who they were. I thought, we were back in Europa league, visiting and playing these far away places.


It’s more the fact it’s our 3rd in 6 days. After this it isn’t too bad, 4 days to West Ham, 4 after that to Atalanta and 4 more to Abu Dhabi.
Hopefully a few will be fit for Tuesday and we can rotate most of the team. If Matip and Keita aren’t fit they can start looking for another club as far as I’m concerned.

I know all of this very well. But notice my wording. I used “super short version”, and I am fully aware that the Germani did not kill all the Kelts in the area that they settled. But their cheiftans and their petty kings were mostly likely slain and the majority of them driven out along the coast where the Germani settled (places like Kent), or at least those who did not want to submit to Germani rule. But it is a long story, complex, not everything is known, much is lost and some of it has a legendary character.

But when you tell a “super short version” you can’t include all the important details. For instance, it is widely thought, though sources are very limited, that the Germani were invited in as mercenaries in the aftermath of the Roman withdrawal (power vacuum) and that relations with the locals quickly turned sour as the Germani had no intention of leaving and later staged a general invasion. Wars were waged, in the end, the Germani won.

But even this is a super short version of course.

The truth is that no one knows all the details, much has been lost as it was carried by oral history as it was not written down until very often much later.


Rest Fab, put Phillips or Williams with Joe. Alli in goal, and rotate the FB too. Mid should be Milner, Keita, Jones. Forward should be Jota, Taki, and Mane.
I think it’s gonna one way traffic for us, and it’s best that we run up the score so we can have a better goal differential. It come come handy later :wink:.


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Id like us to do the opposite of the last CL game. Start with Shaq, Mini and Jota up front then sub all 3 on 60. Wiliiams in defense to give Fab a rest with millie as LB. Also put Millie in for Hendo to give some presence and energy. If things go bad bringing on Hendo and our main front 3 will sort it out. Just want our main team as rested as possible for City

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Don’t think we should underestimate this opponent, a win would mean a big step towards going true the group since Atalanta and Ajax play each other.

Start with a strong lineup and when everything is going well we could change things, remember 5 subs in the CL


If that was for me Dutch (and not sure it was) then i’m not underestimating them. Shaq, Mini and Jota outplayed our normal front 3 last CL game, imho of course. Fab needs a rest at some point and given the 3 following games i dont think we can afford to rest him there (unless Matip is back but even if he recovers you have to assume another injury would be upcoming within the next 3 games).

That only leaves Millie for Hendo who has just come back from injury. Personally i’d like to see Robbo and TAA given a break too, especially TAA as he’s slightly off form but i think that would be 2 changes too many, maybe if we’re well ahead TAA could come off. With West Ham doing well, Atalanta who just beat these and the City all within the next 11 days after this i just don’t think we have much choice but to rotate in this game

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