Pre Match | Liverpool vs Real Madrid | CL Quarter Final second leg | Wednesday April 14th 20:00h | Anfield

Nothing decided here. Think it will be a close call in the end - could be even decided in Extra Time.

Question is if Klopp will want a controlled start or go full throttle with all 4 attackers starting.

TAA Fabinho Kabak
Mané Thiago Wijnaldum Robertson
Salah Firmino Jota

(My lineup predictions have never been good)



What’s your record on opening march threads?let…

Well we need to be better against Madrid than we were against Villa today.

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4-0 :innocent:


Think he might go 4231 and play all four forwards. Gini and Thiago in midfield. Kabak and Fabinho in defence.


I hope not as our 4213 was a disaster in the 1st leg!

TAA Phillips Kabak Robbo
Thiago Fabs Gini
Salah Firmino Jota

I think Milner would do a better job. Wijnaldum has been a mess since coming off the NT games.


Neither Gini or Mane deserve to start but being honest there’s no one else who is pushing from a start. Apart from Thiago, obviously, Klopp leaving him on the bench is madness unless he’s not fully fit.

I’d love to see Trent further forward for this game, even if it’s just the one. Give him a fewer responsibilities and a chance to redeem himself.


Milner Phillips Kabak Robbo


Trent Thiago

Salah Firmino Jota

Is what I’d go for. Milner can sit next to Phillips, Trent to go forward and play in that right channel as an #8 like Henderson/De Bruyne, Thiago to drop back next to Fab. Firmino to sit on Kroos and stop him playing.


Real with 1 change tonight compared to the other night against us.

10 players remain in, but Valverde is in for Asensio.

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So still no Carvajal, Hazard, Ramos.

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Was no issue for them last week.
No crowd and no atmosphere…no miracle this time.


I hope Barca fucking smash them and I mean 4 or 5 just to fucking dent their confidence.

Also an injury to Benzema, Kroos, Modric, Vini. Casemiro, Asensio would be nice

You already picked point 1 from my post, somebody stand on Kroos. Critical IMHO.

Pre Match | Liverpool vs Real Madrid

We are out of the CL, let’s see if we can make the T4

Desperately poor 1st leg, more so for the attitude rather than the score line, which reflected the attitude. No point crying over spilt milk as the saying goes, but “must do better” goes without saying for the second leg. Without the crowd we need to make it as uncomfortable for RM as possible. That means business right from the off. No sitting back fannying around with the ball, nervy passes and all that shite. This is when we want to see the mentality monsters. They might not win, but what we - as fans - want to see, is the players giving it their all; nothing less. It’s a big ask, but one that’s achievable.


Vazquez taken off first half injured

They will score a couple at Anfield so we probably need 6 goals. :joy:

We need to use the press more intelligently this time. Kroos and Modric are the ones we need to be shutting down not the goalie and the full backs like in the first leg.

If we score first then it’s game on but we are going to need to see the Liverpool of old to make it happen.

Good luck Reds , just make sure these fuckers know they’ve been in a game.


Yes first goal is massive. Earlier the better.

We will win 3-0… Goals from Salah/Kabak/Jota.

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