Pre-Match | Man Utd v Liverpool | PL Match Day 9 | Sunday October 24th 16:30h | Old Trafford

Liverpool go to Old Trafford this Sunday in what pundits are describing as a football match.

Manchester United, on the back of a spawny comeback win in the CL on Wednesday will be, to quote the Queen, “shitting their pants” at the prospect of facing in-form and currently unbeaten Liverpool.

Take it away…


Jürgen doesn’t have many flaws but his tendency to overrate this lot, especially at Old Trafford, is one.

As long as we don’t show them too much respect, we’ll batter them.


Cometh the hour, cometh the Mo. 0-3 minimum please.


Although Taylor is the ref I still think we will win this, 1-3


0-3 minimum requirement against these heaps of Manure.


As long as we get 3 points I am not to bothered about the rest. Sadly I will miss it as I will be on my way to Greece.


Pleasure I hope rather than business.

Do look at our reactions to the match.


If we beat them, and other results do not go their way, Manures may find themselves as low as 10th position and I would enjoy seeing their fans go into meltdowns of how shit they are…

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United away…my least favourite fixture of the season.

The one that sticks in my mind was my first visit to OT in 1968. George Best scored a typical Bestie goal in the third minute and the place was jumping. Big Rowdy quickly equalised and Sir Roger added a second soon afterwards and we hung on for the win. My only memory is the Best goal and the fact we won. I did have to look the other details up.

City finished first that season with United 2nd and us in 3rd. Same order as last season…plus ca change

I knew Alan Gowling, who played for United that day, through business in later years. Really nice guy but we never mentioned football as far as I can remember.


I don’t expect this will be as easy as some think, De Gea is on form and their whole team will of course have extra motivation for the. Still, I think a draw will be bad result for us, hopefully we can put in a controlled performance and get through this without any drama. Also hoping to see Thiago get some minutes.

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Would it really?

We know we have a significantly superior approach and team to them. But they have quality footballers and as per usual form goes out the window.

It’s one of those games that I look at and accept thay a draw is never a bad result.

What I don’t see is us getting battered.


Not to be underestimated.
They will raise their game and this can turn into a dog fight rather than us showing the chasm between them and us at present.

Same back 5. Fabinho with Hendo and then?

If fit I would go with Thiago.
Salah, Firmino and Mane up front.
Jota on at 60.

At our current level, with a bit more focus/concentration we should have enough.


Any news on Thiago? We are missing him at the moment.


He was in charge of the 4-2 and I think at one point was laughing at Fernandes moaning about being fouled.

One of the many highlights


Well a draw is always a bad result against an inferior opponent, but also I’m looking at the title race and thinking ‘I can’t see Chelsea or Man City dropping points here’


Fact is I said elsewhere this is their DVD game so regardless of how they played they were up for this, the win over Villarreal hardly boosted their season as they drew straight after.

They remind me of one of those teams who keep getting a “this win will kick start their season” and it never does.


I was a bit worried after we exterted so much energy v’s Atletico, especially in midfield… But Utd had to put it all on the line yesterday and have 1 day less rest, with an injury to Rashford (who I wasn’t looking forward to on the counter v’s Trent 1 v 1), so quietly optimistic.

We will score goals, just need our midfield and defense to not shit the bed for a 20minute period because Mane got a finger in his eye.

And Elliott and Jones ,

Sick and tired of all those injuries in the last few years. :rage:

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I really don’t like our record there. Can see this as another score draw. Maybe 2-2 with Mo shooting a ‘Ronnie who?’ goal dribbling around 5 traffic cones aka United defenders. God knows Mo is due again for one of those. It’s been 36 hours already.

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Well, we know already that these are not easy games regardless of form.

We had our results against them in early 00’s, they had some results against us in last years.

But… we should still have nice chances to win the game. I think our defending as a whole and defensive transitions (vs United’s counter attacks) might be key here, because the way they’re playing at the moment, we will create. Although there were some bad surprises in similar conditions, like par example that game at OT in 2019 (18/19), that was an utterly terrible performance from us.

We’ll see if Matip plays the 3rd game this week, if we judge that he can cope as the Watford game wasn’t too intense + it was after a little break.

And who starts in midfield. I think it will be between Milner and Jones. Probably Milner, but an outside chance for Jones if he’s even training with the group and is ready enough to start. As things stand, I think it will be Milner.

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