Pre Match | Man Utd vs. Liverpool | FA Cup Fourth Round | Sunday January 24th 17:00h GMT | Some Shitty Stadium

Let’s get to penalties so we can score a goal, maybe.

Stack the defence, stack the midfield, 1 up front, park the bus.

Positive thinking.

@cynicaloldgit start your post match review already.

Jones MOTM.


Competition (make or break) and opponent comes at the right time.

Won’t be the end of the world if we crash out but if we do we should give them a proper fight (and score some goals).

Perfect game for the players to show that they know we fans are suffering at the moment.


Think Klopp will go with

Trent Matip Fabinho Kostas
Jones Henderson Milner
Salah Firmino Minamino

TAA to force a reaction from him.

If Hendo is not ready Gini should start - need to be careful with Thiagos minutes.

5 subs possible. Sadio, Thiago, Shaq and Robbo could have a great impact.


Kelleher is now our number 2 and deserves the domestic cups. Tsimikas needs playing time. I’d expect at least one from N Phillips, R Williams, or N Williams as well.

I’d expect Klopp to play the rested Salah and Bobby, along with Taki. Will be a mix of strong first team players, plus first team players who need playing time mixed in. Milner to captain with Henderson given more time to recover.

Same for Man Utd, with Henderson in goal, and probably the likes of Mata, Greenwood, Telles, Matic, etc.


I’m sure Klopp won’t do this but I’d go for majority second string and not be too bothered about the FA Cup.


N. Williams Matip R. Williams Tsimikas


Shaq Jones

Oxlade-C. Minamino Origi

My team

Kelleher: Done very well with his chances, plays very similar to Ali. Won’t let us down (famous last words).

Neco: Trents been shite, enough said.

Matip: Can’t watch Rhys be in a foot race against the likes of Rashford.

Fabinho: Same as Matip/Rhys but replace Rhys with Nat Phillips.

Tmikias: Robbo hasn’t been great. Like Tmikias, doesn’t seem to do much wrong.

Hendo: Hopefully he’s fit again…if not Gini.

Curtis: As long as it’s not the Ox.

Millie: Need some stability to help Curtis.

Shaq: Give him another go.

Minamino: Give Sadio a rest/dropping.

Salah: Origi is done at this club. Bobby needs more time on the bench compared to Mo hence his start


Hang on; we’re playing Thursday- Sunday- Thursday this week.

Now I know what it feels like to be a Manchester United fan.


Go strong please. Realistically may be our only chance of a trophy…a win would restore some confidence. The players and coaches need a lift. Throwing it won’t help anyone.

I would rather have an FA Cup win than nothing at all and so would the players and management…


Not quite.

Unless you are attracted to your cousin/sister, that is?



Agreed. Go strong. Its at least a confidence booster to win this


The ref could be worse.

Referee: Craig Pawson.
VAR: Andre Marriner

I’m reading that Fernandes will not start so they probably go with the runner van der Beek. No clue anymore who Klopp will play.


No chance. We should be going all out to win this cup.


No offense.

Saying this for a few weeks now. It doesn’t matter who is in charge - they will screw us up anyway.

No penalty for Untied in the last five games. They’ll clearly get one tomorrow.


Don’t want to risk Matip with Spurs and hammers away coming up, so if Henderson is fit he partners Fabinho at the back also if fab gets booked he has a 1 game ban so we are screwed. Neco and Tsimikas, Milner, Jones , Thiago, Salah, Origi, Minamino and Kelleher in goal.


Definitely want to see Millie and Hendo play this one. Beating these away would be such a big, much needed, boost to our morale.

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I think we will now at 4 pm if we are taking the cup seriously.

Liverpool team news and Origi starts = Forget the cup.

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Yeah we need to keep playing the front 3 that has struggled to score in the last few games, no need to give divock a game. :joy:


I take it the title is no longer ‘nailed on’ then?

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How much time until the match after this one? In my book, it’s the only important factor ahead of this game, and which should decide who plays or not.


Ricky Lambert would be more likely to score than Div tomorrow!
He is so poor in recent performances that if Salah played on one leg he would be better.

Cue Origi 95th minute winner tomorrow!