Pre-match: Manchester City vs Liverpool | EPL, Saturday 25th November, 12:30 GMT

Since no one else is going to bite I’m starting this one. @RedWhippet takes no responsibility for the outcome of this game, whether result, refereeing decisions, or injuries sustained. This game is a work of fiction. Any similarities to persons living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

At the moment it’s too early to give any definitive injury news but Thiago and Robertson are definitely out. Jones, Gravenberch, Konate, and Gomez are under treatment and will be assessed in the next week.

For City, Kevin De Bruyne is definitely out. Ake, Gomez, Kovacic, Stones and Nunes are all being assessed. Ederson has suffered a sudden outbreak of aviophobia and is unable to go to Brazil and pick up a nasty bout of jet-lag.

No confirmation of the officials as far as I can see. I’m assuming that Oliver and co are waiting for their pay-cheques to clear from their latest UAE jaunts.


No need for either EPL or GMT in the thread title.


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You need to work on your disclaimers RW!!

Enter @Dutch, @Dutch to enter, calling for @Dutch

Dutch isn’t answering.

As far as the game goes, we can take courage from seeing their last performance, their weakness is glaring and if we get our tactics spot on then Mo and Darwin can get a lot of joy from this game. KDB still injured I believe as are Ederson Stones and Ake? I’d go with packing the midfield and getting bodies around Rodri to stop him running rough shots and dictating play.

Ali Trent Matip Virgil Kostas Endo Grav Szobo Mac Salah Nunez

Pep is a cunt!


To early next week. :sunglasses:

Haaland has supposedly twisted his ankle playing for Norway… Probably twisted in such a way that he will be rested for their next game and come back to The Cheaters fully refreshed and ready to play… Not sure what it is, but anything to do with this club and the suspicions of dark arts immediately run wild through my thoughts…!

3 things will come from this match.

  1. Pep will no doubt raise the bus incident again, stoking the flames to ensure there is an incident of some sort that he will then blame Liverpool fans for.

  2. Jack the Twat will dive in our box at some point to win them a dodgy penalty.

  3. City will remain a bunch of cheating cunts in my opinion no matter what the outcome is.


I actually think if we start well and not too disjointed after the travels… we will take these apart
1-4 to us… Darwin 2 Diaz 1 & Mo 1


We’ll have more news when we get closer to the fixture, but as things stand regarding them; Ederson, Ake and Kovacic are not ruled out for the game against us. Think they will be fit. Bruyne is obviously still a long term absentee and now there are little question marks over Gomez and Nunes.

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Smash them. They’re shit.


Assume Everyone will be fit for them until they don’t appear on the team sheet.

Load of kiddum…he’ll bit fit to play us…don’t believe this shit story…

Fixed it :blush:


I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game.COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:



As I’ve said, you’ll only know who is out when the team sheet is out.

I’d be surprised if it’s more than Kevin

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Apart from the little ginger prick, they are all shite so not concerned if any of them play or not

Game is in 8 days.

We also have players who are injured right now or listed as such, but who might or will be fit for the game.

Where’s the issue.

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Rodri and Grealish on four yellow cards each. Hope we make sure they’ll miss their next league game against Spurs.

I think people get upset that the City players will suddenly have injuries during the international break, particularly if they are playing one of the big clubs after.

Two points with this: Liverpool do this all the time too. Secondly, I wouldn’t want to stop a player from playing with their NT, even if just a friendly (the Brazil game is a qualifier). If Ali wants to play for Brazil and Ederson doesn’t, so be it. It says enough about the actual players and what they stand for.