Pre-match: Manchester City vs Liverpool | EPL, Saturday 25th November, 12:30 GMT

Endo played 83 minutes for Japan today, was on the bench last week.

Not sure if this is true…

Well he’s from that part of Manchester. Then again I was born near Everton’s ground and my brother is an Evertonian. Doesn’t stop me having a chuckle at their sporting ineptitude.


My brother supported Man Utd.

Hate them with a passion.


The discrediting the reputation of the referee before the game has even kicked off is getting a bit old now.

Lots of referees come from the Manchester area because “Greater Manchester” encompasses an enormous amount of land and population.

Most referees enjoyed, or used to enjoy, football. They will of course have allegiances but its their jobs to be professional and ignore those allegiances. If they can’t then we can complain about it but as far as I am aware Kavanagh has not shown any overt favouritism towards Man City.


You should read the comments btw, i’ve blocked that account long ago because of realations to a site that we don’t mention on a Liverpool forum.



I don’t give a shit about referee conspiracies.

This game is winnable and we will do it. Simple really.


Tosser Koeman played van Dijk only 45 minutes, I guess he wants applause …

Now he brought Gakpo for the last 13 minutes …:see_no_evil:

21/22 season. He was VAR for the Ev/City game and denied Everton a late pen with City leading 1-0. He was VAR for our game at Spurs - Jota penalty denied, Robbo sent off, Kane not sent off.
All 4 decisions totally inexplicable, 4 point swing in City’s favour. He won them the fucking title.


When we’re in the territory of complaining about Robbo’s red card then it’s clear things have gone way too far


To be fair, Robbo got a red after possibly the worst challenge I’ve ever seen not warrant any kind of sanction. I’m not saying Robbo’s wasn’t a red on its own merit, but in the context of the game and especially that Kane challenge, I think it’s alright to feel hard done by.


Is it possible to feel hard done by for the Kane challenge and not for the Robbo red?

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So boring. Every single week.

We’ve won the last 6 games that Kavanagh has reffed, 13/15 in total (source- TAN)


Yeah, but when you’ve already seen Harry Kane try to take Robbo’s leg off twenty minutes earlier to radio silence, when the VAR recommends a red for Robbo’s swipe it’s natural to think really?


Presuming no new injuries:

TAA Matip VVD Tsimikas
Bosz Endo Mac
Mo Darwin Lucho

Midfield is tricky. Not sure if Endo is up to it, but it’s the best balance. Gravy and Jones just back from injuries.
Harsh on Jota, but he always seems better coming on from the bench.


Sorry its boring, but Kavanagh did major damage to Liverpool and aided City vs Everton as @jaffod pointed out.

The Kane non red vs Spurs is inexplicable.
The Rodri non penalty vs Everton was inexplicable.

Re: Our matches that we won with him in charge?
How many of those were we winning anyway?
How many were season defining matches?

Its ridiculous putting him in charge on Saturday.

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The only problem is that you are picking on non-decisions. Does he have a higher threshold? Is he consistent across the season?

You can’t tell this from isolated incidents. It would take analysis across the season to determine this. I know Paul Tomkins has done this kind of thing and I am pretty sure that the club stats guys will have.

Even then a statistical anomaly is only a starting point to determine what’s going on.

Is there any evidence that Kavanagh has a conflict of interest?

With games going regularly into 100 minutes, need one of Jota, Diaz or Darwin off the bench. We shouldn’t play all four from teh start with one of them in midfield. Go with three proper midfielders.

Snide prick B Silva needs to be covered well. Rodri needs an early yellow.


Non decisions that cost Liverpool and aided Man City…in a tight season.
To me, thats enough to stop him reffing a huge fixture this week.

Ask yourself this…
Leaving out stats, data etc
Why did Harry Kane stay on the pitch after his assault on Robbo?
Why were Everton not awarded a penalty for a blatant handball.
Neither decision can really be filed under a “close call”.
Kavanagh made both decisions… no penalty and work away Harry. And he underpinned the latter by sending off Robbo?
You couldn’t make it up.