Pre Match | RB Leipzig vs Liverpool | CL Second Round First Leg | Tuesday February 16th 20:00h | Puskas Arena

My first match day thread. What can possibly go wrong, eh!!! Perhaps, I’m the lucky charm we have been missing all along.

Leipzig rested some of their key players in their last league game, so they are, or at least wanting to, going for the kill. Frankly, no body will blame them if they fancy their chances. Worse, way worse, teams have succeeded.

Fabinho, Milner, Origi and, surprise, surprise, Ben Davies are the latest occupants of the already overloaded treatment room. Meanwhile we have to be content with just the smiling faces of Naby Keita and Diogo Jota.

Probable starting XI??? I’m tempted to say, blowing in the wind. But I will wager Firmino will start.

TAA Kabak Henderson Robertson
Jones Wijnaldum Thiago
Salah Firmino Mane

But if it were up to me, which clearly isn’t, I would play Nat for Thiago and Shaqiri for Firmino with Henderson moving into midfield.

I know our shoulders have dropped, I know our moods are sour, I know even dreaming is tedious. But come on folks, we have been through worse, way, way, worse. We never stopped dreaming, we never stopped believing; even though we have been ridiculed for that. So let’s dream once more. Let’s believe in the lads and Klopp. Let’s slaughter those bulls (I will take 3-0) and roar YNWA.


Sorry but I have zero confidence that we will get a proper result. They sit deep and beat us on the break.


Good luck mate.

Agree entirely about Hendo. He’s the one consistent thing about this team atm , and he is absolutely wasted playing in defence.

P.S. Is the return leg at Anfield , or not ?


Brave move :+1:

You The Man GIF by memecandy

2-3 squeaky bum win for us.


I’m going to stick to my Christmas tree formation I posted in another thread:

Trent Phillips Davies/Kabak Robbo
Gini Henderson Thiago
Jones Mané

47-0 Reds.


Gomez Matip VvD Davies
Keita Fabinho Milner
Jota Origi

oh wait


Trent Kabak Fabinho Robbo
Ox Henderson Wijnaldum
Salah Firmino Mané

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We not got much options for change so Thiago starts in Milner place and the rest stay the same. I would like Klopp to try 3 at the back maybe not for this but definitely in the PL.

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I’d take a 10-0 defeat in exchange for beating those blue cunts on Saturday.


Good luck, i have a good feeling about this new match thread opener,
I really want to see Klopp with a happy smile on his face after the match.


Phillips must start.


The only trophy we can win this season so don’t f it up. We got to move our back line back nearer the keeper and stay compact, personally I would go 442.

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Still undecided. Reason is; if UK players can’t enter Germany, German players can’t enter German from UK as well.

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If anything can shake this team into life (and Klopp for obvious reasons) it’s the chance of winning the big one. Again. Most of our starting 11 have been there and experienced it. If we start in second gear against one of the easier teams in draw, we’re really fucked. Must come out at 100mph and put this to be bed by half time.


I still don’t see why that’s our problem.

Can Phillips play? He wasn’t in the squad for the group stages but has that changed for the knock-outs?

Yes i believe Philips has been added to the squad for the knock out stages

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Disappointed in the last couple games,but I still believe in Klopp. We’ve been dealt a lot of bad luck this season, but sooner or later we will bounce back. Hopefully starting against Leipzig.
3-1 reds.


The only Bundesliga side who should give us problems are Bayern, the rest are shite. Leipzig would be midtable premier league quality at best.

Hopefully we can produce a Spurs or West Ham level performance. Would like to see us go back to that 442 diamond for the coming weeks, trust the 3 cbs on our books and get at least one of Henderson or Fab back in the midfield, maybe both, and start rotating players and have them competing for places. No player should feel their position is safe.


I believe we can win this one, I want us to win this one, I’m wishing for us to win this one. Com’on you REDS! :unamused: