Pre- match: Real Madrid v Liverpool, Wednesday 15th March, 20:00

Liverpool beat Manchester United 7-0.
Manchester United beat Real Betis 4-1.
Real Betis drew with Real Madrid 0-0.
Therefore, Liverpool will beat Real Madrid 11-1.

Piece of piss.


Yesterdays performance has made Jurgen’s team-talk that little bit more difficult.
Still confident we can go there and throw absolutely everything at them… then who knows, it is the CL after all

Trent Matip Vvd Robertson
Elliott Fabinho Henderson
Salah Firmino Nunez

No faith in this team anymore. Don’t care who plays, just don’t get humiliated again.


Our players shit their pants when we don’t play at Anfield so red shirts please and somebody paint their shitty stadium red.

Ancelotti and Bernabeue are the two biggest factors. As much unpredictable as we are, Ancelotti knows they’ll be able to create few chances on counters. They will play smart and kill the game in midfield; they are masters in it.

We’ll need everything to go our way. Brain says this isn’t going to be another Barcelona, but the heart still hopes. If there’s anyone who can do this, it’s us.

It was obvious and typical of us to drop points on a Saturday early kick off after a week’s break and thrashing united. I’ll take another obvious and typical of us of what comes next.


I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


Elliott in midfield….Can you give back GR his account now please?

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Desperation :grimacing:

Think we have to play an attacking side. 4-2-2-2

Was thinking that making sure we don’t concede is probably the best we can hope for. We have players who can score on the break so if we don’t let them in we have half a chance of making a contest of it.

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After Wednesday we can fully concentrate on the PL.

Matip VVD and Konate in a 3.

TAA and Robbo wide, Hendo and Fabinho sitting.
Bobby just behind Salah and Nunez


I’m not sure if LFC can even make it to the CL spots right now based on LFC’s erractic form.

I’ve just looked into the future. :woozy_face::woozy_face:


First goal decides what sort of contest it is. In most previous years, if we went into a game like this needing to chase a number of goals, we could even concede the first goal and we would still give a red hot go of trying to make up the difference.

This year we will roll over and ask for a belly tickle. This team has zero self belief. They won’t fight when things are tough. If RM score first, then it’s lights out for us. If it’s the case, will probably concede a few and provide no threat ourselves. But if we score first, the players might have a go at overturning the deficit.


We have trouble fully concentrating on individual phases of play, never mind a whole half of a match…you’re asking for too much there


Just show some pride and let’s not get embarrassed again.


After that fuck up at Bournemouth I have real doubts that these players are being coached properly and prepared for every game.

The boss used to be able to get so much more out of anyone he gave the opportunity to pull on a red shirt. Subs were desperate to get on and prove a point. Just not seen it for a while….


That would make sense and everything if you ignored the previous 5 games.

Something isn’t right away from home. Especially when they go 1-0 down, the first 30 was fine yesterday.

What kind of ”improper” coaching would make them move less, be less switched on, and in general not give a shit?