Pre-Match: Sheffield United vs Liverpool | Premier League Wednesday 6th December 2023 19:30 UTC

6th December and it’s the Feast of Saint Nicholas. Those of us in Germany should have received a wee shoe full of sweeties to feast on. For everyone else it’s a trip to Bramall Lane to face the mighty Sheffield United.

The game is on Amazon Prime in the UK.

Team news later but it looks like Matip is out.

The disclaimer: @RedWhippet takes no responsibility for the outcome of this game, whether result, refereeing decisions, or injuries sustained. If you haven’t received your treats from St Nick then tough titty.


Im concerned about the next two matches.

What if you get a sweet shoe full of wee? :thinking:

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Then you have offended Knecht Ruprecht.

Maybe drop Szoboszlai for a game, he doesn’t have to start all the time. Not playing very well lately.

Hopefully not another Luton scenario.


Bottom of the league, most conceded, least scored, we are in trouble.


Our next game is Saturday at 12:30 so there will definitely be some game time management.

If we can’t beat the bottom of the table team who just got battered by Burnley, then something is seriously wrong.

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Why, just why tempt fate like that. Why??

Because I don’t believe for a second that we won’t.


We’ve moved past City, so this one could be another textbook fuckup against a minnow. Klopp better keep them on their toes. No complacency allowed.


:fist_right: :fist_left:

yeah, let’s do this!

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Some thoughts

The two games next week are huge for us.

Dropped too many points on the road - for different reasons.

We haven’t been impressive overall this season but results kept coming in.

Two away games. One Wednesday. The other Saturday early kickoff. No ideal again.

Our injury problems are growing.

Hopefully todays match was a turning point for us.

Want six points of course but I’m also hoping for at least one dominant performance finally.

Gomez Ibou Virgil Kostas
Trent Endo Jones
Salah Nunez

Rotation of course will be needed, one or 2 enforced others just needing a break…if we turn up with the right desire then whatever side Klopp puts out will be enough to scrape some kind of win.


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It’s absolutely Juggernaut time. Just win whatever it takes. Every game now till the trees and tinsel come down. Top of the league and on the road to that most glorious of spiney fresh water fish :slight_smile:



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I know Kelleher isn’t Alisson but :see_no_evil:


Well it’s not like we know for sure if Pitaluga will do any worst, he may surprise us all. Kelleher’s stock isn’t very high right now…those first 2 goals my right testicle wouldv’e saved…one of them didn’t even need saving as it was practically a backpass…that today was as bad as anything Migs Bogdan or Karius produced.

Stick with Kelleher, hopefully we’ll have enough before Ali comes back.