Pre-match: Southampton v Liverpool, Sunday 28th May, 16:30

If we turn up (and the officials don’t shaft us), we’ll twat them. If we don’t, we’ll lose.

We may also draw.

The end.


It’s a right of passage for the refs to shaft us at this point. I’m pretty sure they get a bonus for new and inventive ways to make our lives difficult.

Firmino to score a brace before riding off into the sunset


We will win this 6-0.
Mo will score a couple and Codyvwill scorexa couple.
All will be well.

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Turn up and win, send us off dreaming of Thursday nights.

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If Newcastle and Man U have already secured the Champions League spots by this weekend, we’re going to get loads of dodgy decisions in our favour in this game.

Just so that the league can “prove” that there’s no agenda against us.


Salah will get his 20 goals then.

Genuinely just play the kids, if Morton and Bradley are eligible throw them in too…give the seniors all an extra weeks holiday for all their efforts this season.

Kelleher Bradley Phillips Williams Tsimikas Morton Milner Elliott Doak Firmino Carvalho


Morton ruled out for season and Bradley not allowed.

Which imbecile is refereeing our game this week?

this x 100

it will also show up nicely on those ladders that show ‘favorable close calls’ to prove there is no agenda…

its so reliable you could set your clock by it

No appointments announced yet probably tomorrow.

Man Utd about to lose two in a row to West London.


Coco the clown and his pals.

A baldy bloke in the black suit.

Is Sky Deutschland actually showing this game or is it that Konferenz bullshit? I’ll only watch our games in the PL. I really can’t be arsed watching other people talking shite about games I couldn’t give two hoots about.

It won’t be 0-3 will it?

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Or… they may be waiting to see who they nominate, depending if Utd need the ‘benefit of the doubt’ dodgy calls at the weekend

To be honest it doesn’t seem to matter now.

Only ones I particularly have any faith in is Pawson who no doubt has fucked up with us but generally recently is pretty fair.

Give Kelleher the game to keep him happy so he stays :wink:


Will only be exciting if Thursday result goes our way.

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